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  • The NaNoWriMo Challenge

    The NaNoWriMo Challenge


    It's NaNoWriMo and we're already deep into our novels (we promise!...)

    35 36
  • The November Music Challenge

    The November Music Challenge


    Inspiration comes from many places: we find it triggered by smells, visuals, touch, and of c... more »

    4 63
  • Newsletter Zombie and Monster Writing Challenge

    Newsletter Zombie and Monster Writing Challenge


    The greatest horrors lie in the darkness of our minds...

    32 55
  • HalfBlood



    After a series of experiments done on Kazume while she was in shira, She returned home with a new HalfBlood chi... more »

    2 12
  • The Hybrid Spirit

    The Hybrid Spirit

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    My own blood, my own flipping blood. I can't believe he did that. I can't even beleieve that he turned.... more »

    0 1
  • Horrors of night

    Horrors of night


    My whole life was care free until that night, i never egnolaged the evil and greed until then. until i w... more »

    0 2
  • The Fireforge Legacy

    The Fireforge Legacy

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Underrealm is on the rise. Highrealm must gather the forces of Midrealm to help them defeat the four... more »

    3 46
  • White Spear

    White Spear

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    0 2
  • Corners of the Soul

    Corners of the Soul


    What lengths would some people go to for the 'perfect' family tree?

    3 4
  • Ember


    Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology

    "The boy is powerful, more than we realized." I pondered this for a while, tapping my foot on the hardwood. "Then l... more »

    0 6
  • why?


    Politics & Current Affairs

    Of what religion God is?

    0 3
  • alex adventure (series) setting guide

    alex adventure (series) setting guide


    So, most people who ive showed the series to in the past dont know what Shiragi and... more »

    1 10
  • 1



    1 1
  • When Dreaming Ends

    When Dreaming Ends


    0 4
  • Forever and Always

    Forever and Always


    "Forever And Always." He'd say.

    2 5
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