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  • The September Challenge - The Urban Picture Challenge

    The September Challenge - The Urban Picture Challenge


    This month we've been asking around WEbook to find your what YOU wa... more »

    9 43
  • The August Challenge - Steampunk

    The August Challenge - Steampunk

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    This month we're challenging you to write within the genre of Steampunk!

    44 63
  • Character development

    Character development


    How to create a good book character.

    0 1
  • Change


    Short Story

    That moment when you go back to your roots and realize everyone seems the same except ypu.

    0 2
  • Songs from the Laughing Tree

    Songs from the Laughing Tree

    Family Life & Saga

    A tale of two cities: one named Love, in the hidden corner of India; another beneath a dome ... more »

    0 6
  • Eccentric Conceptions Of An Adolescent Male

    Eccentric Conceptions Of An Adolescent Male


    A collection of random and occasionally amusing thoughts that I've had that I... more »

    0 6
  • The Clepsydra

    The Clepsydra


    Dreaming takes on a whole new level when it involves travelling back in time

    0 6
  • Super Zero

    Super Zero


    Hamish Hope, Dane Shales, they're the same person going by a different name. Hamish Hope is supposed to be dea... more »

    0 2
  • Reaper



    6 reaper souls are sent to adon, the realm of life. The evil there is spirulung out of control so they are sent to... more »

    0 2
  • Zeltis


    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Demon possession and high school life combined.

    0 4
  • Secret Of The Mages

    Secret Of The Mages

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    You think you know what A mage is? You don't even know the half of it.

    0 2
  • My road so far.

    My road so far.

    Body, Mind & Spirit

    Explanations of great spiritual experiences. Miracles and Visions. Along with the truth to a pretty well ... more »

    0 2
  • The Elder Stone

    The Elder Stone


    Blayze Sims was the perfect student and Quarterback. His life is perfect, until one day his girlfriend is... more »

    0 12
  • Woman First Mother Second by Nicole Walker

    Woman First Mother Second by Nicole Walker


    A self-help book written to help women their preserve their identites. While p... more »

    3 2
  • Loving Her

    Loving Her


    Life of a teenage girl who falls in love wth her best friend.

    0 32
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