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  • The August Challenge - Steampunk

    The August Challenge - Steampunk

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    This month we're challenging you to write within the genre of Steampunk!

    44 63
  • The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free

    The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free


    In this month's challenge, we are focusing on the theme of freedom...

    50 82
  • The Truth of Abuse in Blue Eyes

    The Truth of Abuse in Blue Eyes


    Five year old Stephanie didn't remember , but doctors confirmed she had been sexually abu... more »

    1 2
  • Fantasy World: The Revolution

    Fantasy World: The Revolution

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Good or Evil? This world has both, i have a say for survival, Eat or be Eaten.

    0 4
  • The unknown Lovato

    The unknown Lovato

    Family Life & Saga

    when a mother bans her little girl. Demi's mother forgets that she even had her.

    9 14
  • The Monarch

    The Monarch


    Her mother is a gang leader, her step mother is a pain in the butt, and boys are in line waiting to call her ... more »

    1 2
  • The Curse

    The Curse

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    I Don't Believe in Witches. People see what they want to see, they believe what they want to believe, but every... more »

    0 4
  • Poetic Licence an Anthology of Verse

    Poetic Licence an Anthology of Verse


    Poetic Licence Is a journey through my life

    0 150
  • tunnel vision

    tunnel vision


    Just something I thought up

    0 2
  • My Addiction

    My Addiction


    The one thing I feared most growing up turns out I love

    0 3
  • Fall


    Young Adult/Juvenile

    They are everywhere. They could be your cousin, your best friend, your crush, the classmate two rows over, the taxi ... more »

    57 53
  • 100 Times The Charm

    100 Times The Charm


    I am Alexandra Soul Dever and i am a slutty high schooler. Ive gone out with 100 boys and girls but i... more »

    0 4
  • Bitter Mourning

    Bitter Mourning


    After surviving an abusive childhood, Ron has to cope with his father's death.

    1 2
  • Two for Coffee

    Two for Coffee


    A cup of coffee - and a stranger - help Ileen begin to move forward with her life.

    0 2
  • Patrick



    Eric finds the way back to his wife with the help of his best friend, Patrick.

    1 2
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