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  • The September Challenge - The Urban Picture Challenge

    The September Challenge - The Urban Picture Challenge


    This month we've been asking around WEbook to find your what YOU wa... more »

    10 53
  • The August Challenge - Steampunk

    The August Challenge - Steampunk

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    This month we're challenging you to write within the genre of Steampunk!

    44 63
  • Freshmen Confessions

    Freshmen Confessions


    Arizona Adams is a freshman at Hardee Senior High. Follow her and her three eccentric friends on a w... more »

    0 2
  • Hard Times

    Hard Times

    Short Story

    If Shelley didn't have bad luck she would have no luck at all.

    0 2
  • Secrets That My Family Hides

    Secrets That My Family Hides


    secrets that you will never know if you don't read and find out

    0 1
  • Blood in the Mist

    Blood in the Mist

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    A tale of how a stranger changes the lives of several inhabitants of a sleepy seaside town on the coast... more »

    0 48
  • The Data Tech Chronicles

    The Data Tech Chronicles

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Being a young Woman in the wold of Technology presents a large enough challenge. Adding the occa... more »

    0 2
  • Relentless Angels

    Relentless Angels

    Coming of Age

    At the edge of the Atacama Desert - one of the driest places on earth - solar astronomer Rebecca Weathe... more »

    0 10
  • 4pm



    This was written in the wake of the passing of my maternal Grandmother, whom I miss, everyday.

    0 2
  • The Secret

    The Secret

    Short Story

    This is a short tale of a simple and misunderstood man who does a good deed that no one will ever know he did.... more »

    1 2
  • The Rockstar's Kiss

    The Rockstar's Kiss


    A singular night at a concert with a lead singer is going to alter one womans hopes of a normal life.... more »

    0 30
  • Interchangeable Parts
    3 10
  • The Silences

    The Silences


    Culled from life

    0 6
  • Character development

    Character development


    How to create a good book character.

    1 1
  • Change


    Short Story

    That moment when you go back to your roots and realize everyone seems the same except ypu.

    6 2
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