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  • The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free

    The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free


    In this month's challenge, we are focusing on the theme of freedom...

    49 80
  • The June Challenge

    The June Challenge


    We rely on our senses to help us understand and describe the world  around us, but what happens when o... more »

    13 110
  • The future may be like this

    The future may be like this


    0 2
  • Soul Cry (Draft 1)

    Soul Cry (Draft 1)


    (Working on new teaser)  Please take a look anyway, a story about regret, love, and death.

    0 56
  • The dangerous

    The dangerous

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    A girl who turned into a vampire with TELEKINESIS powers gets turned into a supernatural agency where they ... more »

    0 4
  • Boxer Tales:  The Life and Times of Hogan Isaiah

    Boxer Tales:  The Life and Times of Hogan Isaiah


    Hogan was the greatest dog I ever knew.  His friendship and companionshi... more »

    0 3
  • June



    June had a hard time before fitting in. Now with her mother dead and her father in the army can starting at a new sc... more »

    0 3
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning


    How would you act if you got kidnapped? If you lost your memory, would you know what's lost? Lindsay and he... more »

    1 2
  • Bloodline


    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Follow Irina in a world of werewolves and supernatural.

    0 3
  • Binding Chords

    Binding Chords


    A singular night at a concert with a lead singer is going to alter one womans hopes of a normal life.

    0 4
  • Dragon Riders

    Dragon Riders

    Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology

    Dorman watched his kingdom as it was torn to peices in disappointment. He looked down clenching his fist "I... more »

    0 29
  • Two worlds

    Two worlds


    "Who you are? I think that only me and my friends live in this world" "A people, from the ssecond side of Eart... more »

    1 2
  • The Real Me

    The Real Me


    This story is told by a 16 year old girl named Olivia. She has no faith in humanity, or people what-so-ever. ... more »

    0 1
  • Granny Rocks

    Granny Rocks

    Women's Fiction

    This is a story of survival. Or a story of a good supporting grandmother.

    0 2
  • The Gift of Isis

    The Gift of Isis

    Short Story

    She woke up in an empty hot tub and found some strange things were happening to her. As she had put her ... more »

    0 2
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