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  • The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free

    The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free


    In this month's challenge, we are focusing on the theme of freedom...

    49 76
  • The June Challenge

    The June Challenge


    We rely on our senses to help us understand and describe the world  around us, but what happens when o... more »

    13 110
  • Granny Rocks

    Granny Rocks

    Women's Fiction

    This is a story of survival. Or a story of a good supporting grandmother.

    0 2
  • The Gift of Isis

    The Gift of Isis

    Short Story

    She woke up in an empty hot tub and found some strange things were happening to her. As she had put her ... more »

    0 2
  • Just another number

    Just another number


    Dawn. Joseph. two people completely the same besides their "assigned" jobs.

    0 4
  • Barren



    A middle aged women, longing to become a mother, finds herself pursued by a force - one that just might make her w... more »

    0 2
  • A Hidden Book: Angel Wings

    A Hidden Book: Angel Wings

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Jacob looked around, he seemed to be in a Forrest. How had he gotten there?

    0 2
  • What Lies Within

    What Lies Within

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    What if you learned of a world you never knew existed, within you own? What if learning this put you and... more »

    1 1
  • Silver's Quest

    Silver's Quest


    A young man ventures out into the world to destroy an ancient gang that decimated his home and defeated hi... more »

    0 1
  • The Brave

    The Brave

    Historical Fiction

    1 4
  • You are She is

    You are She is


    To the hour-glass with no sand, and how who can never tell what happened to that time wasted; so is she th... more »

    0 4
  • Crushed



    When Ophelia looses a part of herself, can she make it out without being Crushed?

    0 2
  • Sword of Death

    Sword of Death

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    When darkness comes to cover the light, only she can stop it.

    0 6
  • The lightless world: Unknown to all.

    The lightless world: Unknown to all.


    In a post apocalyptic world, two detectives track a supernatural murderer. Also, the... more »

    1 2
  • Enter The Garden
    0 4
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