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  • The March Challenge: A Victimless Crime?

    The March Challenge: A Victimless Crime?


    When a victim suffers at the hand of a villain, is there only one person to blam... more »

    6 53
  • A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

    A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved


    A place to ask your fellow WEbookers for help on problematic chapters, tricky charac... more »

    9 0
  • My 500 Words

    My 500 Words


    Get back into the flow of writing with WEbook's 500 word challenge...

    2 9
  • Pitch a Plot

    Pitch a Plot


    Had an idea for a plot, but want some advice on how to make it better?

    3 4
  • The February Challenge - Time Stood Still

    The February Challenge - Time Stood Still


    Time is precious, waste it wisely...

    17 53
  • The New Beginning

    The New Beginning


    In The New Beginning,  Samantha Rane is headed off to a boarding school, but what she doesn't realize ... more »

    10 24
  • Shatter'd



    Just the opening chapter of something I'm working on. I would really like this to work out.

    0 2
  • The Darkness Will Rise

    The Darkness Will Rise


    Are you Dark or Light? Will you win or lose? Are you in?

    0 2
  • From me to you

    From me to you


    We all have a story to tell, some of them are intertwined. we all are going to high school together.

    0 3
  • Another Town

    Another Town

    Young Adult/Juvenile

    Will a school tragedy bring two people closer together or tear them apart?

    0 10
  • Best Friends

    Best Friends


    Being best friends means that you have to make sacrifices, even if it means forever.

    0 1
  • Demons of Haldor

    Demons of Haldor

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    High Fantasy Theodicy about self-sacrifice and the nature of evil.

    0 4
  • your life is mine

    your life is mine


    0 2
  • Playground



    It's merely an idea that I have currently, and I'm looking for feedback on it.

    0 1
  • What She Didn't See Coming

    What She Didn't See Coming


    Rylie Gaberson never saw it coming for her next!

    0 1
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