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  • The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free

    The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free


    In this month's challenge, we are focusing on the theme of freedom...

    49 74
  • The June Challenge

    The June Challenge


    We rely on our senses to help us understand and describe the world  around us, but what happens when o... more »

    13 110
  • Memory Of The Realm

    Memory Of The Realm

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    With the world facing war, risking losing everything a lone elf, hated by her own kind seeks to stop ... more »

    0 2
  • Diamond Of The North

    Diamond Of The North

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    This is a story of learning that reality is not always as we perceive them to be. This is done the a... more »

    0 17
  • Behold!



    It's not about what you see...

    0 2
  • Illusions of love

    Illusions of love


    It's not pleasure...

    0 2
  • The Phoenix Project

    The Phoenix Project

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Raven is a bitterly depressed man, trapped in a brutal prison system where inmates are forced to figh... more »

    0 2
  • The Wolf Bergade

    The Wolf Bergade


    The Wolf Bergade was astablished by the government to investigate the strange disaperences in america. B... more »

    0 9
  • Teacher's Pet

    Teacher's Pet


    With him as her teacher, Alissa won't have a problem passing the class!

    0 1
  • Valentine's Heart

    Valentine's Heart


    Do you believe in true love? Cupid, also known as Ai Eros meets a boy named Aaron and ends up on an adv... more »

    0 1
  • The leaf

    The leaf


    My observations of family

    0 1
  • The Predator Society

    The Predator Society

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Griffin Ross always thought he was the only one with supernatural powers, until he finds out that no... more »

    0 2
  • He's the Devil, Presumably

    He's the Devil, Presumably


    Unknowingly, she was the main character in her own Romance novel.

    0 14
  • Apocalyptic Sight

    Apocalyptic Sight


    Rhea has a special gift, according to her psychic grandmother. She can see the future, but with a littl... more »

    1 2
  • Before Daylight

    Before Daylight

    Short Story

    Lucille Luna meets her boyfriend Vincent Perez after six months of vanishing from his life. Vincent accep... more »

    1 2
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