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What is WEbook?

WE are the leading place on the web for the discovery of new, talented writers!

WE are where passionate readers can discover fantastic, new and unknown writers.

WE are where those fantastic, unknown writers, can be discovered by thousands of enthusiastic new readers, friends and fans!  

WE are a reading, writing and thinking community. We work together to help each other become better writers through supportive and critical community conversation.   

WE bring together tens of thousands of writers, published authors, avid readers and almost 100 established literary agents, to create an energetic hub of activity where talented writing is celebrated and undiscovered gems can be rooted out and polished into literary diamonds. 

WE believe that by letting our community rate who’s great, we will find the genuine talent, we will find books that people genuinely want to read and we will find authors that we can publish. Yes, that’s right – PUBLISH!

WE do this because we want to give talented writers a genuine opportunity to be celebrated by readers who care, readers who love to help and readers who can encourage WEbook’s community to strive towards literary perfection.

WE are WEbook and we believe that a collaborative community input is the key to creating the perfect book. So come and , become part of the WE and show us why you should be the next big thing!

Who is behind WEbook?

WE are! Hello, there! 

WE know that really the people behind WEbook are actually you, our members. You are the people behind WEbook, because you make it what it is. You lovely people are the ones putting in all the really hard work by writing, reviewing, chatting on the forums and bringing people together.

WE, the WEbook team, form the hugely passionate team behind this online publisher. Backed by one of the world’s largest organisations currently working for the international book publishing market, we have lovely offices located in New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, so wherever you are in the world, you can be safe in the feeling that we’re somewhere close by!

Why WEbook?

WE think the answer is simple! With the digitalisation of media changing the way we share information, music, photos and our social lives, we believe that we should be changing the way we read, write and publish too!

WE know that today’s writers and readers have more choice than ever, which is truly brilliant! Writers can choose to take the traditional route by finding an agent, or they can self-publish and create their own literary empire. Maybe being published isn’t a goal just yet; many writers choose to write for pure pleasure or just to enjoy a little bit of Internet fame by posting their work to online communities, just like WEbook! 

WE believe in helping and encouraging writing talent through community contribution because, as Monsieur Van Gough intelligently noted, ‘All great things are done by a series of small things brought together’.

Start your writing journey today! Sign up for WEbook now and take the first steps on your literary odyssey…