The Legend of Vinny Whiskers

The Legend of Vinny Whiskers

By Gregory Kemp


For Boomer Lookout, the littlest prairie dog in the Ward, life is tough—until he discovers a secret tunnel beneath his prairie home. Soon, Boomer is at the center of a battle to save his family and friends from a tribe of vicious, greedy rats. His quest will reveal the shocking truth about the Ward, Boomer’s own destiny, and the identity of the legendary Vinny Whiskers, the rat who started it all.

In this classic tale of good versus evil, nothing is what it seems, and even the biggest misfit of them all might just turn out to be a hero. Young nature lovers, adventurers, and scientists will have a blast learning about acceptance, perseverance, and the value of friendship with the endearing, original cast of animal characters. A trip to the zoo will never be the same again.

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