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Itai Kohavi

Founder & CEO
Title of Memoir: Make EVOL the right way

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Ardy Khazaei

Title of Memoir:Feed me NOW -- or suffer the consequences!

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Eran Amitai

Vice President R & D
Title of Memoir: Blessed

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Tony Jiang

Senior Software Engineer
Title of Memoir: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start

Kim McGraw

Software Architect
Title of Memoir: SELECT * FROM my_life

Yotam Hadass

Website Editor
Title of Memoir: Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tel Aviv

Dan Marsh

Web UI Developer
Title of Memoir: Swimming Through Jersey: The Chlorinated Life Of A Jersey Boy

Katie Krum

Marketing Manager
Title of Memoir: Dancing All the Time

Melissa Jones

Content Manager
Title of Memoir: Guns, Goats, and Goldmines: Tales from the Forgotten Frontier

Tim Barash

Finance & Operations Manager
Title of Memoir: Life Is