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  • The February Challenge: Split Personalities

    The February Challenge: Split Personalities


    Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room...

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  • The January Challenge: Below the Surface

    The January Challenge: Below the Surface


    "I think I just got mugged by your tea, mate." "What you saying' bout my mug? I ... more »

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  • My 500 Words

    My 500 Words


    Get back into the flow of writing with WEbook's 500 word challenge...

    10 120
  • Pitch a Plot

    Pitch a Plot


    Had an idea for a plot, but want some advice on how to make it better?

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  • The Candlemaker

    The Candlemaker


    In the year 2044 a simple candlemaker from a community shut off from the world due to a biological attack... more »

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  • Wonder



    Tiffany James has been born with abilities like no other. A year has passed since her father's passing and things ... more »

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  • Soul to Reach

    Soul to Reach

    Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

    At his nearing death, Noel Parker wishes to make amends with his ex-wife and is given the chance to do so, ... more »

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  • Life Goes On

    Life Goes On


    This story is about Sarah, a young teenage girl who is suffering from depression, anxiety and mental breakdo... more »

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  • Circles into Squares

    Circles into Squares


    A philosophical approach to modern day society.

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  • The Nephilim

    The Nephilim

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    This is the beginning to a story about humans,angels, demons, and a race I call the Ascendants.

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  • From The Dark To The Light

    From The Dark To The Light


    First book of the Shadow Nightwing series

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  • Addicted: The Series

    Addicted: The Series

    Sex & Relationships

    Enter the world of this drama filled,and riveting series Based on a True Story.

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  • The Dragon Within

    The Dragon Within


    Rose Darkwind is a dragon princess from the Monster World. Where her Uncle Bracken currently rules do t... more »

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  • The Mystery Of The Gemstone

    The Mystery Of The Gemstone

    Outdoors & Nature

    This is a thrill about a man turns into a human-eating wolf.

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  • The Scourge

    The Scourge


    This is a tale of perfectly ordinary children. And then they grew up...

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