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  • The May Challenge: Three Things

    The May Challenge: Three Things


    Three words, many different directions, where will yours take us?

    8 50
  • The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club

    The April Challenge: Welcome to the Liar's Club


    Have you ever told an accidental lie that spiralled way out of control...... more »

    14 32
  • The March Challenge: Falling

    The March Challenge: Falling


    Falling in and out and in and out of love...

    32 47
  • My 500 Words

    My 500 Words


    Get back into the flow of writing with WEbook's 500 word challenge...

    54 146
  • Learning Her Moves [Published Offering]

    Learning Her Moves [Published Offering]


    Kaitlin sat staring out her office window. The courtyard which comprised her view... more »

    0 14
  • Loving Layla

    Loving Layla

    Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

    Battling childhood cancer and learning to overcome the biggest obstacles in life, with the help of a small a... more »

    0 3
  • Colorless Night

    Colorless Night


    There was no moon, and the wind gently carresed the trees. There was no moon and the crickets silence was... more »

    0 2
  • Killer Thoughts

    Killer Thoughts


    Amber's death sparks a slow-moving investigation, until the Police realise the killer isn't finished.

    0 4
  • Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice


    Can Katrina survive giving here heart to the prince of darkness and the obsidian king or will it destroy eve... more »

    0 8
  • Bloodborne


    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Isolated in the forest during the worst winter in memory, the village of Lonepine is running out of food and r... more »

    0 2
  • new work 2017

    new work 2017


    my new stuff

    0 1
  • The Mistaken Marine

    The Mistaken Marine

    Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

    The Marines were looking for a few good men but they got me instead.

    0 2
  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

    Young Adult/Juvenile

    May Heartage is 16 and from a little town called Aims. May is an only child, or so she thinks. One magical... more »

    0 1
  • β€˜Til Death Do Us Part

    β€˜Til Death Do Us Part


    A killer twist on the classic love at first sight tale.

    0 10
  • The Last Ten Years

    The Last Ten Years


    How to survive loss.

    0 6