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  • The February Challenge - Time Stood Still

    The February Challenge - Time Stood Still


    Time is precious, waste it wisely...

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  • The January Challenge

    The January Challenge


    "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you're not going to stay where you are"... more »

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  • the teenage stress

    the teenage stress


    A girl with the over protective parents, as her friends call her. The one without a cell phone and wit... more »

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  • The Boy From Talba

    The Boy From Talba

    Coming of Age

    Talba, though quiet and isolated, had no chance of ever being in anyone's vacation list , despite the ... more »

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  • Amaberis



    Snooping inside the new student's folder, Leath was shocked to learn the boy had no parents.  He wasn't an orpha... more »

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  • the reaper story

    the reaper story


    why do souls bear through all our sorrows? becuase one must suffer before you may find what you truely w... more »

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  • Love is not what you expect sometimes
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  • Desire



    What happens when you break a man? Will he give up and lay down, or will he bear arms and take his desires?

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  • Temporal Insanity
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  • Change of Path

    Change of Path


    At some point the world decided to make two people from the past cross paths. When the other wanted to for... more »

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  • Blood in the Mist

    Blood in the Mist

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    A tale of how a stranger changes the lives of several inhabitants of a sleepy seaside town on the coast... more »

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  • The Loudest Silence

    The Loudest Silence


    Robert Holt was brutally attacked and left for dead. Though he survived, he could not speak but his s... more »

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  • Journal



    What I Call My Life

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  • Distracted


    Women's Fiction

    Is there ever more to life when you start living it so late?

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  • The Zombie World

    The Zombie World


    This story is a twist on the typical zombie apocalypse. The narrator uses a journal he found to find a s... more »

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