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  • The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free

    The July Challenge - How it Feels to be Free


    In this month's challenge, we are focusing on the theme of freedom...

    49 82
  • The June Challenge

    The June Challenge


    We rely on our senses to help us understand and describe the world  around us, but what happens when o... more »

    13 110
  • June



    With June's mother's murder on the lose can she find the killer... Or will the killer find her first.

    0 3
  • Killed by ''X''

    Killed by ''X''


    A crime that Doctors rule it . Revenge is the only air to breath.

    0 9
  • My murderer - Deadly Lies

    My murderer - Deadly Lies


    Gunshots break the peaceful slumber of Lenya Fox. She finds herself caught in one big mystery, ... more »

    0 16
  • The future may be like this

    The future may be like this


    0 2
  • Soul Cry (Draft 1)

    Soul Cry (Draft 1)


    (Working on new teaser)  Please take a look anyway, a story about regret, love, and death.

    0 56
  • The dangerous

    The dangerous

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    A girl who turned into a vampire with TELEKINESIS powers gets turned into a supernatural agency where they ... more »

    0 4
  • Boxer Tales:  The Life and Times of Hogan Isaiah

    Boxer Tales:  The Life and Times of Hogan Isaiah


    Hogan was the greatest dog I ever knew.  His friendship and companionshi... more »

    0 3
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning


    How would you act if you got kidnapped? If you lost your memory, would you know what's lost? Lindsay and he... more »

    1 2
  • Bloodline


    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Follow Irina in a world of werewolves and supernatural.

    0 3
  • Binding Chords

    Binding Chords


    A singular night at a concert with a lead singer is going to alter one womans hopes of a normal life.

    0 4
  • Dragon Riders

    Dragon Riders

    Fairytales, Folklore & Mythology

    Dorman watched his kingdom as it was torn to peices in disappointment. He looked down clenching his fist "I... more »

    0 29
  • Two worlds

    Two worlds


    "Who you are? I think that only me and my friends live in this world" "A people, from the ssecond side of Eart... more »

    1 2
  • The Real Me

    The Real Me


    This story is told by a 16 year old girl named Olivia. She has no faith in humanity, or people what-so-ever. ... more »

    0 1
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