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  • The April (Fool's) Challenge

    The April (Fool's) Challenge


    This month, we’re challenging you to honor April by making a complete fool of yourself!

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  • Women's History Month Challenge

    Women's History Month Challenge

    Women's Studies

    Women's History Month is an annual declared month worldwide that highlights the contribut... more »

    13 20
  • The March Challenge

    The March Challenge


    This month, we’re challenging you to write a story, any story, about anything you want. Except...

    31 148
  • Apple Green

    Apple Green


    This is a story about city without apple

    0 4
  • There's No Time

    There's No Time


    A girl with a unique power comes across a major problem when someone finds out about it. Follow Mia throu... more »

    0 5
  • Space Legions

    Space Legions

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Prepare for a adventerous fantasy novel that will leave your imagination wanting to seek more. For all thos... more »

    0 2
  • The Name Of This Book Is A Superstition

    The Name Of This Book Is A Superstition


    Max never expected to be given so much attention really, besides his friends. Tha... more »

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  • Austin Standing Seam Metal Roof

    Austin Standing Seam Metal Roof

    Home & Garden

    Installing standing seam metal roof has many advantages as mentioned above. They are more... more »

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  • Rescue me

    Rescue me


    The title is still a work in progress, any suggestions are welcome. It's a story about a boy and a girl-who com... more »

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  • Pearl of Great Price

    Pearl of Great Price


    This poem is a resolt of me upserving two beautiful woman

    0 3
  • Odd Fate

    Odd Fate


    Maria thought she'd always be alone. Oh but how wrong she was.

    1 6
  • A dark secret

    A dark secret


    The days of summer seemed normal until something drastic happened. Serina Blake jumped out of a plane right... more »

    11 3
  • Four Seasons

    Four Seasons

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    How a man made apocalypse changes the face of Tehran. Four seasons of life in a science-fiction story of lov... more »

    0 2
  • Forbidden love

    Forbidden love

    Young Adult/Juvenile

    a girl in a forbidden love

    1 2
  • Broken Petals

    Broken Petals

    Memoir/Narrative Non-fiction

    Fighting to keep her life in order, Tanya refuses to let her father ruin her life. Love feels so good at ti... more »

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