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  • Untitled Fantasy

    Untitled Fantasy


    Jana is resourceful, fierce and independent. She's also just been killed.

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  • moon goddess' mistake

    moon goddess' mistake


    A Werewolf and Vampire in love? Nothing's impossible.

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  • The Unknown Hunt

    The Unknown Hunt


    Wrongfully accused of killing his future father-in-law and his fiancé, Quade Colewell is forced to flee ... more »

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  • Orbis



    Tabatha has a haunted past. When she's picked up after two years tied to the streets, will The Ridge Institute's se... more »

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  • Knights of the Elements: Halven Chronicles

    Knights of the Elements: Halven Chronicles


    Continuation from other Airknight Stories

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  • Affinity



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  • The Warrior

    The Warrior


    The underground sanctuary has fallen, ravaged by famine and war. Join our desperate warrior as he takes on a ... more »

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  • Battle Strong

    Battle Strong


    Ellyzibeth Donoway is not a normal girl, she is a warrior with a secret. She was trained in every way for y... more »

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  • Dolly Face

    Dolly Face


    "I name my doll, Dolly Face, because she has a Doll's face." Lucy said

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  • a moment to waste

    a moment to waste


    Her mom was dead now her whole town is. Can Brooke and her companions get out alive.

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  • Protectors



    A story of heroes.

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  • We Are The Remnant

    We Are The Remnant


    The Republic takes what it wants, and what it doesn’t, it sends to the Welfare Reserve. It is for this... more »

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  • The Inferno

    The Inferno


    On a nice September afternoon in Los Angeles a 15 year old boy is about to embark on a much bigger than scien... more »

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  • The Killer Elite

    The Killer Elite


    Gamblers, they know the odds. Thieves, they know the score. Assassins, they know the target. Barona Kasa... more »

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  • Insanity dreams

    Insanity dreams


    Symphony an ordanary girl is wanting something different in life when she and her parents get into a car ... more »

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