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  • I am who I am

    I am who I am

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    I am who I am…………………………………………..  Hello there I am “Who I am” I am 19 and feel strange. I don’t know what’s ... more »

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  • Transarchive 7: The Modernist [core]

    Transarchive 7: The Modernist [core]

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Now I have waited to publish, now I have waited to publish

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  • Transarchive 6: The Artist [aura]

    Transarchive 6: The Artist [aura]

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    We are all pragmatist or not, so why not...

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  • The Drac Series (Alec)

    The Drac Series (Alec)

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Elizabeth Gore runs away with her best friend to escape from her abusive family. Eliza fights to l... more »

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  • No Colo(u)rs

    No Colo(u)rs

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    He takes my hand and he doesn't know, but his hand in mine is strength enough to destroy worlds, literally.... more »

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  • I Am Miss Amaze

    I Am Miss Amaze

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Natasha Lane - rich, talented, beautiful, and keeping a secret. In a world where powers are commonplace, ... more »

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  • New Silver Moon

    New Silver Moon

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    I could hear the call of the Silver Moon. I tilted my head back howling with it's song, calling to my peo... more »

    4 8
  • The Conviction of Identity

    The Conviction of Identity

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    God disappeared, left Arcturus without cause. The Destroyer slaughtered the Harbingers, Kalel ... more »

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  • Impossible Things

    Impossible Things

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    How would you like to bend the rules of reality?

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  • Galactica


    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Serena went from intergalactic nerd, to intergalactic hero.

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  • Heir to the Sundered Crown (Preview)

    Heir to the Sundered Crown (Preview)

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    Read the first 3 chapters of this epic fantasy

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  • The Broken Promise

    The Broken Promise

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    As a young girl Ginne Solma always enjoyed learning magic she had a dream to do magic and save people ... more »

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  • Into the stars

    Into the stars

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    get ready for an intergalactic adventure. what happens when 600 people venture into the vastness of space ... more »

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  • It's Complicated

    It's Complicated

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    A man lost in time, fighting the enemy across eras.

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  • Children of the Moon

    Children of the Moon

    Sci Fi/Fantasy

    The Man on the Moon is no Myth or Legend.

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