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  • Ali McDonald
  • The Rights Factory
  • Toronto, ON, CANADA
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  • Fiction: Children's, Teen, Young Adult/Juvenile

  • Ainslie Hogarth
    Meaghan McIsaac
    Beck Nicholas
    Laura Nowlin
    Emily Pohl-Weary
    Alisha Sevigny
    Christine Walde
    E. Paul Zehr
  • Meaghan McIsaac's "Urgle/The Boys of Fire and Ash"
    Ainslie Hogarth's "The Lonely"
    Beck Nicholas's "Lifer" and "Fake"
    Laura Nowlin's "If He Had Been With Me"
    Emily Pohl-Weary's "Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl"
    Alisha Sevigny's "Kissing Frogs"
    Christine Walde's "Burning from the Inside"
    E. Paul Zehr's (Kris Pearn) "Project Superhero"
  • Meaghan McIsaac's "Movers" FALL 2015 (UK)
    Ainslie Hogarth's "The Boy Meets Girl Massacre: Annotated" FALL 2015 (US)
    Aoife Lennon-Ritchie's "The Extremely Epic Viking Legend of Yondersaay" FALL 2015 (US)
    Laura Nowlin's "This Is (Not) Your Song" FALL 2015 (US)
    Glenda Leznoff's "Heartbreak and Other Natural Shocks" FALL 2015 (CANADA)
  • Laura Nowlin's "If He Had Been With Me"

  • 3 chapters
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  • Open to YA non-fiction: please send query and proposal!
  • We look at everything. Please be patient with us :)