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  • Saritza Hernandez
  • L. Perkins Agency
  • Orlando, FL

  • Fiction: Erotica, Gay/Lesbian, Romance

  • Kele Moon
    Rebecca Leigh
    RJ Scott
    Jamaica Layne / Jay Hughes
    Diana Copland
  • The Replacement Guitarist by Lori Toland
    The Furry Matchmaker by Lori Toland
  • BEYOND EDEN, an erotic romance by debut author Kele Moon sold to Grace Bradley at Ellora's Cave. Three life-long friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic-inspired Garden of Eden tale.

    ORACLE by RJ Scott, an erotic male/male conteporary, sci-fi/fantasy romance with greek-mythological storyline sold to Lodewyk Deysel at Silver Publishing.

    OUTLAW by Rebecca Leigh sold to Elizabeth North at Dreamspinner Press. The male/male steampunk erotic short story will be a "Nap Sized Dream" release for the digital publisher.

    ONE WAY TRIP, a male/male, futuristic short story with post-acopalyptic themes by Rebecca Leigh has been sold to Lodewyk Deysel at Silver Publishing.

    VITAL SIGNS 3, the final installment of the erotic hospital romance by Jamaica Layne has been sold to to Lodewyk Deysel at Silver Publishing.
  • 10 years of publishing experience in the digital production and technical production side of the textbook market.

  • 10 pages
  •    1. All queries MUST come in via e-mail at I work in the digital marketplace and will be submitting your work to digital publishers. I am not working in print and will not be accepting printed queries (evidenced also by the lack of mailing address to reach me). Make sure your query is in the body of the e-mail, not an attachment.
       2. In the subject line of your e-mail please say "Query - [Title of your book]" (Please only send queries for completed manuscripts.)
       3. Please address the e-mail to me personally. Ms. Hernandez, Dear Saritza, Mrs. Hernandez, All Mighty and Powerfully Benevolent Ruler of all Coffee Drinks will also work. Don't say "To whom it may concern" or "ePub Agent" it's not only tacky but shows very poor dedication as an author to not even know my name before asking me to take a look at your manuscript.
       4. Start your query telling me about the book including the main character(s) names. What's the main plot point of your story?
       5. Include a word count in your query letter. Yes, the manuscript MUST BE complete before you query. While I'm very interested in knowing what you're working on, I want to devote my time to helping you sell what you've finished.
       6. Please include a full summary of your novel. Be specific and extremely detailed in this summary and don't hold anything back. If the story has a surprise ending, I need to know that in the summary. I may not be a spoiler whore when it comes to my movies and TV shows, but if I'm going to sell your work, there can be no surprises. Tell me how it ends!
       7. Attach the full manuscript to the e-mail as .rtf file. Your manuscript should have a cover page and should include the following information:

              * FULL NAME
              * PENNAME
              * E-MAIL ADDRESS
              * MAILING ADDRESS
              * PHONE NUMBER
              * TITLE OF BOOK
              * WORD COUNT
  • Not accepting Non-fiction and Young Adult. All queries pertaining to these categories will be rejected.
  • Yes, all manuscripts are considered and all receive a response.