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I'm Rachel and I'm writing a novel about teen spies. It's about these groups of spies one full of four girls another full of boys, who help out each other against the main villains and antagonists of the novel. The girls are protecting the amnesia filled guys who have long ago resigned from the agency and were mind wiped. The book will be filled with an mystery, secrets, love, and betrayal. The spies names are Tara, Esther, Melody and Skye a diverse cast of friends who are very good spies and taken down a lot of villains while working at the agency. The other Drew, Christian, Sean, and Ty another group of diverse boys who have known each other for a long time and were well known at the agency but they left the agency mysteriously (it'll be explained later lol). The owner of the agency is a British man named Blake who has a twin brother named Drake but he's evil (Got that from totally spies) who's age is undetermined but he looks young and very handsome, it becomes apparent that he's very old though and has been in the war. This agency is very hush, hush top secret and is kept top secret very well. It's a secret organization filled with aliens from other planets and secret agents where they communicate, lol I know, Men in Black but it's really good I've been really wanting and praying to write this book but I need help. 

So anyways I can't write this out on my own, it's really tough because it's in third person and I'm not good with that, so I was hoping to find a co-writer to help me out and we could write chapters together. Hopefully someone can reply to my post and I'll fill you in some more.  But I can give you a short summary about the book:

In High School, no one is ever who they seem to be. Everyone holds a secret. Information becomes key to survival…It’s a dangerous minefield– even without the involvement of shadowy government agencies! But what if you could do both?

Tara Johnson, Esther Ramirez, Melody Long, and Skye Dipalo know this better than anyone. To everyone at school they’re just the four girls who always seem to hang out together but aren’t really too popular. Secretly though they have been recruited into a mysterious espionage agency at the young ages of 15, they work as undercover agents attempting to dismantle terrorist groups, evil masterminds, even intergalactic beings!

Tara, Esther, Melody, and Skye have to balance both there high school life and spy world. Being agents and fighting criminals is easy but school life becomes way too complicated when you’re just starting out. But as they delve deeper into missions of exotic missions, mysterious agents, psychotic villains and dazzling deathtraps, the fact that they have to keep a secret life from family and friends challenges all of them…oh yeah, and to make matters worse– they have to deal with high school bullies, turbulent relationships and term papers!

Reply back soon, Werewolfgal22 

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