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All right. Just ask me to read whatever! But here's the deal --- if I don't like it (sorry) I won't read every chapter, just one or two. But if I REALLY love it, I'll follow you all the way through. Don't expect seriously long comments. But if you ask for helpful feedback in your request, there's a likely possibilty I'll do it... I might not if I feel up to it. Just a hint --- I, personally, enjoy romance, fiction, adventure. But I'll generally give anything a shot. And plus, this group might help you get other people to read your projects too, because it's likely others will be looking through the group. And I've come to notice that some people want links... Well, I don't really care much for it, I can just go to your profile and bring up the story... Since some people want that, you can choose if you want to do it. If you want more reads, you might think about putting up links for other people interested. Also, please don't spazz out if I don't get to it straightaway. I've recently developed a life, and it may take a bit of time. Oh, and just to let you know --- this isn't a chore I thought up (who would do THAT?) but it's for my own enjoyment. I'd like to discover some amazing WEbook authors out there, and just by a few people so far, I feel like I already have! Don't be surprised if some other people besides me comment. I can tell people about you. ;) And please, it would really help if you would happen to leave a summary! Otherwise, it might take me longer to get to reading it. Just a warning. Let the reading begin! -------------------- 6/26/13 HI GUYS! I haven't been on since WEbook started back up again after shutting down. I'm on a website called Wattpad now; my username is TheGreenBallerina. Send me a message on there if you have an account there with your story posted if you want me to read, but be sure to mention you found me from this group. I'm not on here much anymore, so there's little chance I'll be reviewing from this site. Sorry for the inconvenience~~~

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