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Help build a story where a soldier is shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle, where all the world’s myths have hidden for centuries.

You may use just about any mythical characters and creatures you desire, but please keep it at a PG-13 rating or younger.   You may also make up stuff as well.  But PLEASE DO NOT USE JESUS, BUDDA, MUHAMMAD, THE DEVIL, OR OTHER COMMON RELIGIOUS FIGURES.  I don’t want a religious hate war erupting here.  Please be respectful.  … and we should also leave out religious artifacts/relics as well, just in case, like the Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny, Moses’s Staff and so forth.

This is not a role play, so whatever character(s) you introduce is free game for others to write about as well. 

Try to keep the character’s personalities and names the same … unless they go through a life changing experience. 

The scientific/historical reasoning (in this book) for these mythic characters (like Zeus for example) is that most of them were great heroes/leaders/whatever to the people that they lived with, but before or after they left for the Island rumors and stretched stories began to circulate, turning them into gods, wizards, titans, etc; thus turning the almost normal heroes and leaders into unbelievable myths and deities. [so its ok if your rendition of a myth character doesn’t match the historical facts of what people believed back then (the myths themselves are inconsistent anyway.) … just make it at least a little believable.]  So we are, in a sense, re-defining the myths, making them more human, coming up with a reason (scientific or magical) behind their mythic abilities, and constructing a different history for them. 

Asking questions on the forum before changing or creating something is highly encouraged. 

There are no rules to how many chapters you can or can’t post at a time/in a row, but please keep it within reason so others can have a chance to post as well.  (I will tell you if you go overboard, but 2 to maybe 3 chapters in a row are a reasonable amount to me.)  

If you have issues with anything that is being written or with a different situation, feel free to message me or the person that is concerned or use the forum, but please be respectful.  

I’m not a “grammar nazi” so I won’t focus too much on the spelling and grammar mistakes, but I may be a bit of a stickler for continuity though.  And definitely PLEASE do your best at the grammar and spelling so others can fully enjoy your chapter(s).  Thanks.  

To keep the continuity going smoothly through this story we should have the same end goals in mind – this will help keep the majority of participants happier through the project and it should make things less likely that characters and events will veer off in a direction that some people were not wanting it to go … at least not too much.   So here is a super simple skeleton of a plot line to give a clear End Goal, so we can all stay on track and off each other’s backs.    
1:  Ancient lords/care takers of the Mayan Underworld (with the help of their messenger bird & other “henchmen”) plan to conquer the “Overworld” by the next New Year’s day.  (you guys can make it Dec 21 2012 if you want to, but I don’t care that much about the actual year this crap happens.)

2:  A modern day Navy sailor is washed ashore the “Island of Myths”.

3:  Sailor is accepted into the community, makes friends and learns a lot about the Island’s inhabitants.  Hopefully some adventures break out, whether for the Sailor to prove his trustworthiness, or due to the common little skirmishes between the Island’s inhabitants.  (Remember, a lot of ancient myths involved monsters wanting to eat/drink humans.) 
4:  News/Omens come to the Island about the Mayan Underworld lords.

5:  Crap happens - the human world is in danger and the mythical characters have to decide if they want to reveal themselves and protect the human world, or if they want to let the humans fend for themselves.  (maybe a visit to the modern world to see how things are???) 

6:  The Battle before the New Year.

7:  The End.

If this story extends into more than 1 book, that is totally cool too.   (((If you guys have an idea for a different plot line, definitely share it in the forum under the Plot Line thread.  I love to hear new ideas, and this plot line I threw up here is very basic and the first one I came up with.)))  

This book will be in 3rd person.  Please write in 3rd person, past tense.  And definitely feel free to delve inside the mind of a character for each section of your chapter(s).  

IF this book is finished and people want it to be published, then we will talk about percentages and payments for each person for each chapter, etc.   ((please send me an e-mail/phone number/address/whatever you are comfortable with in a personal message to me so I have a way to contact you in case if WEbook crashes, so if people really actually do want this to be published I will have a way to contact you and get you paid. Thanks!))   

Thanks for joining.  HAVE FUN!

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