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—11 AUG 2011— Read the WELCOME post in the GROUP FORUM first. —SHORT STORY WRITERS Project— —FAQ— Q: How do I make a submission? A: Put the genre of your Short Story as the title of your submission. For ex. if I wrote a story about ghosts I would title it “Supernatural”. Q: What is a Short Story? A: A short story is greater than 1,000 words, but no greater than 20,000 words. Anything below 1,000 words is actually not called a short story. The correct term would be “Flash Fiction”. Q: Are we allowed to submit Flash fiction? (Stories under 1,000 words) A: Yes, you are allowed. But it has to at least be greater than 300 words to count. Q: What if I want to write a Short Story but don’t know what to write about? A: I made a project specifically for that. If you need any prompts to get you started visit my project “Prompt Mania”. Here is the link to the project: Q: Will there be a SSW Contest in the future? A: I was thinking of hosting a Short Story contest in the future. I’m looking for an interesting prompt that can be used for it. If you want to be one of the Judges Panel, message me about it. Becoming a judge means that you will not be entering the contest.


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