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Looking to procrastinate? Need a creativity boost? Bored? Try some writing prompts.

Writing prompts are great practice. They’ll make you think about things and generate ideas you didn’t even realize you had floating around in your brain. There’s a reason writing teachers swear by them. You don’t have to respond to the posts here, you can answer them in your own time and your own way. But the best method is to take about 15 minutes and write it down, physically write it down or type it. Put it somewhere safe so you can access it later, even if the site dies again. www.evernote.com, www.drive.google.com, a document on your computer, a physical notebook are all great places to store your writing. Got some great prompts to share? By all means tell us about them.

Please be courteous and check your grammar and spelling before posting.

I intend to make group “projects” for some of the prompts to allow writers to share polished pieces inspired by the prompt.

**I have been writing times alongside some of the prompt titles. These are not time limits. They are minimum time suggestions. It should take you about that long, but it will probably take you longer depending on how in depth you want to be.

**Spammers will not be tolerated. If you think the thing you're about to post might be considered spam then don't post it or message the group owner first.

When the site updated it messed up the formatting on all old posts. I apologize greatly for the giant blocks of text. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

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