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01 Feb 2011 Simple really, describe Jake's life. The beginning of Jake's story is set as 1901 - Jake is in primary school and is 7 years old. His end is placed in 2000, which made him 106 when he died. Introduce your own characters or yourselves into Jake's life story and describe him in any way you like, provided that 3 rules are followed: 1. No dialogue from Jake 2. No direct physical description of Jake 3. You must describe Jake through the eyes of others, not his own. How did your character know him? Where did he fight in the 1st world war and whose side was he on? Did he really invent roller-skates, the bra, and underwater welding? How did he meet Tsar Nicholas? What did he find in the jungle? Why did Isaac Asimov write about him? What languages did he speak? How did he get in the New York Times in 1933? What did he drive? Was he married? Did he have any kids? Who was he with in Egypt? Where was he when JFK was shot? What musical instruments did he play? Where did he strike oil? How did he miss getting on the Titanic? What's his connection with Sputnik 1? Why were there so many Sikhs at his funeral? ...and was it Jake's bar in Kathmandu that Tensing and Hillary partied at after they summitted Everest? I'll rearrange entries into their place in his time-line regularly, so choose a gap in his history and jump in. You have the whole of the 20th century to choose from, and all of your repertoire of characters to introduce, but please try to link to close prior and following entries... IMPORTANT....include "a date" for your entry in your entry title. There are no min or max word limits. Everyone's welcome here, and you can write whatever you want and in whatever style suits your character, but please consider that the setting here is nominally "the real world". Any questions? - use the forum space below. Enjoy C 08 January '11

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