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Come, join this group. We are serious reviewers working together to publish our work, whatever genre topic or age range that may be. Members ARE: - Working towards publication. - Giving and receiving honest reviews. - Have an understanding of punctuation and grammar and are willing to use it. We ARE NOT: - Working to gain 'friends', 'compliments' or mutual admiration. (Although those things may come our way.) - Writing fan-fic or knockoffs of the latest fad. - Blogging, ranting or proselytizing about our jobs, our relationships or any other aspect of our lives. How does this group work? 1) Each member posts the one piece they feel is most likely to get published. 2) They explain any hardships they are having and ask any questions they hope to have answered. 3) The rest of the members review the piece with a critical eye. (IE: Tear it to shreds.) 4) The writer uses our comments to rewrite 5) Repeat from step one as needed. 6) When the piece is published, post it here so we know that our methods are worthwhile.

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