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Marine Muscle Devil Dog  The plane had moved throughout the mine discipline and now appeared to be straining to keep a hover in a nose excessive attitude. In truth, it wasn’t soaring at all. PFC Mike Clausen had directed Lt. Colonel Ledbetter to a precautious landing in the minefield. To lessen the risk of hitting mines, they had worked collectively to place the principle wheel mounts on craters left by using detonated mines. They could repeat this manner 3 times. Lance Corporal Bish noticed him too. It became Private First Class, Mike Clausen, disobeying the direct orders of Lt. Colonel Ledbetter not to go away the plane on his first of what could overall six journeys into the mine area. Lance Corporal Bish had yelled, “You dumb SOB, you’re in a mine discipline.” Private First Class, Clausen knew that, but he become busy seeking to retrieve the frame of one of those Marines that he had visible disappear in that third explosion. http://www.lumagenexuk.co.uk/marine-muscle-devil-dog/

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