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This is a group where people contribute stories and ideas for the drid anthologies and tales.Group members can contribute races(Types of humanoids present in the anthologies), Characters, plot e.t.c. Here are some of the races i contributed and their characteristics. Men: They have a normal body shape, range around the six feet. They live to a general maximum of 130yrs Elves:They are generally slim and thin, they posses pointed ears. They can see your life source(your blood) as it is moving in you due to the heat it gives off. they range in height of 4.5ft-5.5ft. though some reach six feet in height. they live to a maximum of 1000yrs. Most have keen eyes and ears. Dwarves: they are stocky and short, never passing 4ft in height. they are the best stone and metal craftsmen. their eyes are adapted to darkness more than light. they live to a maximum of 250yrs Tarks: they look like small elves due to the possesion of pointed ears. they generally range from 4ft- 3ft in height, though one in every one-hundred tarks grow above 4ft. they posses forked tongue, which is an assistant to their acute sense of smell. their sense of smell for most is greater than that of a bloodhound. they use their tongue as well as their mouth to smell. they live to a maximum of 2000yrs.

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