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Project Reviews

  • Verse Macabre
    Your poetry is beautiful you have my vote! Oh, and by the way thank you, for you ...
  • 1. The New Girl
    OMG this sounds like one of those cool murder mystery/ drama/ comedy things awes ...
  • Ultra Violet
    So It will be a Saga, good for you. I am trying to come up with two Sagas right ...

Submission Reviews

  • The Medium
    I really like this, being into Wicca myself. Very Cool!
  • Your Timeless Whore
    Good and sense tingling writing!
  • A Sinful Lust
    Very I liked the line "Eyes full of such intensity" Good Writin ...
  • 1. Chapter 1
    Wow really realistic. Good vocabulary, but, ( forgive for this comment) but need ...