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  • Scene: Lost
    Oh my gosh I love those types of endings. I mean, I don't know if it's just me b ...
  • Prologue so much for your amazing feedback in my project! Okay, I really like t ...
  • Author's Note
    I don't wanna wait :/ Haha take your time :) its gonna be great!!
  • Three
    I love the character development here. I like the fact that its descriptive but ...
  • Living Liability
    Oh my gosh. You know, you left me speechless. I saw one tiny tiny mistake "Expla ...
  • Chapter Five
    You're welcome! :)  I'm so excited to see what happens
  • Chapter Three
    You're welcome! I know with more detail, it'll come out even better :) good luck ...
  • Chapter Five
    What a gentleman haha I really liked this a lot. I really hope you keep going! I ...
  • Chapter Five
    Woah now, that's peer pressure! I'm really liking the way you write. It keeps ev ...
  • 17.
    yuck :| nasty. This is great you should keep going :3
  • New Roommate  - Indigo [Soon-to-be Revised]
    ^-^ This was fun to read. I like reading each person's point of view which alway ...
  • Prologue The Seal of Ninthar (Part 1 Revised)
    This is great. Very descriptive I love it. Keep up the good work!
  • 1.
    oooh! Very descriptive, I love it ^-^ Great job. I like where this is heading, s ...
  • Zoom-In of the Cover
    Ooooh! Nice cover!  Sorry to say but... I do judge a book by its cover... And th ...
  • 50 Things
    Agree with you on 35, 39, 43, 47, 7 & 8.  Dragontales are cool ^_^ ...
  • 1. Prelude
    oooh! Awesome ^_^ This is great. It draws the readers in (like me). You're a ver ...
  • Anorexic
    aww sad. So sad =[
  • Always (Keep The End In Mind)
    i love how you set each word up. I love this ^_^
  • Women's Work - End Game
    I like this. I mostly like the fact that you gave each character a unique kind o ...
  • Tube Train
    awesome job XD I like how you described this in a short way but you used a lot o ...
  • My Life
    I've heard this before... But you're other work here is awesomeness. Love it ♥
  • Ode of Family
    This is amazing ^_^ It touched my heart and almost made me cry. It reminds me of ...
  • Yes
    YES post more soon XD I wonder what case Jasper is working on. Keep it up!
  • 1. Runaway
    GREAT. This is certainly capturing for a lot of people. And for me. Very suspens ...
  • Burning Cheeks, Burning Anger
    Pure awsomeness! I love it. Keep writing and keep doing what you love ^_^