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  • Faerie Marriage.
    what Lycaon siad below. LOL. i like it alot. really good imagery; i get a an ima ...
  • Oxymorons
    When I read the title I thought the poem would be quite paradoxical, but it's go ...
  • When?
    Exactly how i felt after every painful events I've been through. I feel slightly ...
  • Knives & Onions
    gor...great imagery izzy. nice job!
  • 1. Chapter 1: Peter Pan.
    He was a boy in the most simplest of words.  most simplest is redundant. Should ...
  • Your Smile
    oh, isee. i'm more pleased with this poem, now that i understand. thanks. :)
  • The Orange Sonnet
    The certainties of youth are replaced by the uncertainties of age,  and with tho ...
  • Bipolar Distress
    I love it. you did an excellent job in portraying the POV of a person about to c ...
  • Your Smile
    short, but deep. but i don't see the connection between his or her smile with th ...