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  • Christmas Beginnings
    An exquisite and poignant magical tale.   I too thought it should be; "His hair ...
  • Ice Water Palace
    'Perhaps I am the square in another's quilt, patterned and cut to fit their clot ...
  • Laptop.
    "I do not have eyelids. I cannot look away. I have a hard drive. I cannot forget ...
  • Avoidance
    Very cute. I saw the previous version, and while I liked it too I do think the n ...
  • Carol's Swansong
    I felt the love for ship and sea, the spray on my face and the wind in my hair. ...
  • The Annunciation
    Great idea, great story (though, and I hate to say it, I had a few moments of ge ...
  • Edge
    Congrats to you too! Yours was one of my favourites.
  • Timothy took his time to school
    Add another fan to the list!
  • Mardi Gras
    Another powerful and emotional story, Kristy, that feels so real.
  • Time is Silent
    Beautiful, clever, what everyone else has said. Thoroughly enjoyed the story and ...
  • Alone
    Thank you for sharing what is a most personal experience in this story. My daugh ...
  • Hungry
    Pretty goddam brilliant.
  • Hunting
    Great idea - agree with Ernest_Lee that it is indeed 'terrifyingly plausible'.
  • Cannabis Blues
    A great read, love the catch-22/circular situation. Took me back to my boyfriend ...
  • On the possession and ritual slaughter of hermaphrodite pigs
    A wonderful perspective from 'the other', and a reminder at this time of year of ...