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  • Camelling
    This is why we can't have nice things, because nobody pays attention to the came ...
  • The Passing Suite
    Not a vignette. IMHO, not even close.
  • The Haggling - Full version in English
    I loved the way this played with the fairy story trope, inviting the reader to p ...
  • This is My Land
    They oughtta do sumfing abaht it
  • Endometriosis
    Kirsty, I understand your frustration with the "add more emotion" comments. They ...
  • Smart Phone
    God I hate phones. This has done nothing to make me more sanguine about using mi ...
  • Holiday
    I pronked when I read this. This may even be spruiking
  • Nothing
    No mean feet
  • x
    Musrum lived in a pig iron castle, or a castellated iron pig. Musrum is terribly ...
  • The Look
    Alec's hit the nail on the head. It's a classic fairy tale. Well done
  • A Cautionary Tale
    I didn't remember the last one Duncan spotted, but I do remember this one well.
  • M I N E
    I'll return to this when you finish it
  • Cronic Dystopia
    Apart from not buying the idea of Justin Bieber as President (though they did el ...
  • Tick Tock
    This is every IT manager's nightmare when dealing with a user complaint! "Did yo ...
  • Kristday
    This is great. A quirkly kids' tale of a future Christmas that packs a real punc ...
  • The Three Little Men
    You had a lot of fun with this, I think. A technical tour de force, with rhyming ...
  • Fifth Wife
    Historical fiction differs from history, I suppose, in that it brings to life th ...
  • Excuse ME?!
    Peter Cook famously said, the first time he appeared on a US chat show, while di ...
  • Word Warrior on a Deadline (Revised)
    Now that's just taunting Alina's first submission. A tour de force of lyricism
  • The Naked Aphrodite
    Elegant and literary. I've come to expect nothing less of you
  • Read Me
    I laughed, Tiberius, I laughed. A witty anti-story
  • Chapter 1
    The plot is fine. It carried the main story through the chapter reasonably smoot ...
  • Past Lives
    I liked the idea of past lives as a response to the rebirth idea. But the treatm ...
  • The Christmas Deal
    Three steps forward, three steps back. I like the simple moral. We didn't need t ...
  • Fragile Sanity
    As others have said, very chilling. There are bits where the language is spot-on ...