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Project Reviews

  • Canvas
    I know you're not suppose to judge a book by its cover but dude, that is an awes ...
  • Soulless Beauty.
    That's an awesome name! Echo.
  • Lost at first sight
    I'm anxious to know what will make her want her old, dull life back...great way ...
  • Corey's Story
    Sounds really interesting! can't wait to get started

Submission Reviews

  • Chapter 2
    Good work here! I haven't read it all yet but this chapter has a good start to i ...
  • Chapter Two.
    Whoa...totally did not see that coming! This story is really good, although i ki ...
  • Chapter One.
    Nice description and way to capture her emotion!
  • Chapter zero.
    Kind of interested in why you chose those words for your first sentence :) Guess ...
  • Prologue; Canvas
    Wow....this is really great describing skills you have here!
  • Prologue
    General: I like it!   Character Development: You really get inside of Jay's thou ...
  • 0. Chapter 1
    Note to feedbackers: Vampires can be spelled either way. I believe the english v ...