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  • Challenge 2
    This is pretty good. you seem to really throw yourself into the charcter.
  • The genie
    Hey that was really Interesting. You have to check your grammer a little bit, bu ...
  • Manic Insanity.
    Unless you mean the talking, which I based after NINJA NINJA in AFRO SAMURAI.
  • Manic Insanity.
    The point is after their death's he shut down emotionally. the only emotional pa ...
  • Manic Insanity.
    Really needed the xtra 49. thnx Gold.
  • Suicidal Murderer
    I think that this isn't rly a masterpiece. But it was......... Different and tht ...
  • Chapter 6
    Okay I've read it now and must be honest. It's great, great theme and style. BUT ...