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  • the language of words
    Deep & very thoughtful, i like this one.... thanks for sharing it with me
  • Moving On
    Love your style, so dont be surprised if you find me in more of your work...
  • Of Ashes And Diamonds
    you a very gifted with words..
  • Susan's Spirit
    want is the base of the story  like when you said   "until she is free"  Divorce ...
  • Crying myself to sleep
    thanx to all for taking time in one's work appreciate it there should be more pe ...
  • we have each others
    very interesting it had a point not just pointless writing it was very good  k ...
  • The Only Love I Have Known
    excellent write i could feel the heart.... & picture as if i was there with you, ...
  • Words
    *smiled*                                       love this one
  • The One
    *noddin*                           very different style                  it spea ...
  • 1. Prelude
    you are as good as you feel be true to yourself as well as others  and you will ...
  • Monkey See  (About 2)
    lol.. i can picture it
  • A Walk In The Rain
    I love anything to do with the rain  Good one
  • Rainbow Stars~~~~~
    heart felt.... i know you got your own stories to tell but as this book was made ...
  • Burning Fire
    trsut me... one day you will hurt and everyone you now will disapear,. or you wi ...
  • money
    good but just a few pointers  capatalize your work makes its normal No offense
  • Love is suppose to be?
    well thay say the ones you love hurt you and the ones that try to love you... yo ...