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  • The Iron Door
    Ahh, what dus this The IRON Door mean.. The words not the book but! The book see ...
  • Kenneth, The Dragon Slayer
    hmm... im interested..  i like it all ready!
  • Guardian Angel
    *stare, hard to say bad things about your writing....* *taps foot and leaves... ...
  • Cora
    You must write more, i'm vary on tip toes....
  • Moonlight Love
    Waaa... I red it to fast :( Now I need to find a new book to reed =] It was wo ...
  • Moonlight Love
    Oo.. The teen age boy changess the storry.. Vampier or human? witch do you love. ...
  • a wolfs cry
    Interesting reed.. I will be glad to post and rate. And see where your taking ...

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