WEbook Guide to Feedback, Part 1: The Golden Rule

Are you looking for more readers for your work?  Do you long for the caress of a critical and helpful eye?  Are you dying to know what others think of your work?  The WEbook Guide to Feedback is here to help.

Getting feedback is all about the golden rule:  Give, and you shall receive.  Reciprocation is key.  It takes feedback to make feedback.  

You can start by finding some WEbook writers you respect and leave them reviews!  Then invite them to read your work.  The more thorough and constructive your reviews are, the more likely other writers will be to reciprocate.

You can also look for great reviewers, and send them messages asking them to check out your stuff.  You will have more success if you personalize your message, and let people know why you're asking them in particular.  For example, if you find someone who's given really helpful feedback on a novel about zombies, and YOU'RE writing a novel about zombies, you can say, "Hey, you seem like the zombie expert on WEbook!  It would make my day if you'd help me out with my novel about zombies."  Never send mass messages, or messages asking for feedback with no context or explanation.

While there's no guarantee that every review you write will result in a review for your work, taking the time to thoughtfully review others' work results in a better experience for everyone.  If every WEbooker strives to help one or two other writers with their work, there is sure to be enough help out there for all.


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