WEbook's Forum Guidelines

Hi There!  Welcome to WEbook's community forum, a place to share ideas and best practices, sharpen your writing skills, ask questions, be a little provocative (but in a good way), have fun, laugh, cry (also in a good way), get to know your fellow WEbookers, and find writers, readers, editors and illustrators who might make great contributions to your WEbook projects.

WEbook is a democratic environment, and the WEbook forums are by far the most democratic spot on the site.  That means these forums are managed by you (take a pause, give yourself a good, long look in the mirror, and let this one sink in) and other WEbookers.  The WEbook staff will pop into the forums from time to time to take the community temperature and provide information, but it's the community's responsibility to keep discussions relevant and civil.  


Civil [siv-uhl]: Adhering to the norms of polite social intercourse; not deficient in common courtesy.

WEbookers can showcase their civility by doing all the little things: Posting to appropriate forums, providing useful information, treating each other with courtesy and respect, and reporting abuse.

Before you dive in, take a look at the description for each forum and read a few posts to figure out the tone and content of its conversation.  Some forums are for discussing or recommending WEbook projects; some are for talking about writing; some are for specific groups of WEbookers; some are for outreach and assistance; and some are for having fun.  Keep your fellow community members in mind when posting.

Basic Forum Guidelines

Lurk before you leap:  Loitering is wildly encouraged at WEbook.  Browse a forum before posting to it to get an idea of the type of discussion going on.  

Stay in bounds:  Fit your comments into the appropriate forums.  Don't let your recommendation for a great WEbook project get lost in "General Chat."  

Be irenic:  Be what now?  Irenic -- Respectful and courteous, particularly if you disagree with someone.  Comments that inflame or disrupt ongoing discussions, contain offensive material or hateful language, or attack individuals, companies or organizations will get the Paul Bunyan treatment - that is, we'll axe 'em. 

Use your tools:  Is someone on the forums driving you nuts?  Use the "Ignore" button under their avatar to filter out his or her posts.  But beware: the "ignore" feature extends to feedbacking and messaging.  The same person "bugging" you in the forums may be the most fantastic feedbacker on our site.  We all have different styles of online communication and directness, both in the forums and when giving feedback-- so think twice before you ignore.  (To "unignore" a member, use the Edit Your Account button under your avatar on your personal homepage.)  Of course, if you want to, you can ignore everyone, and have the whole forum to yourself!

Finding Feedback:  Yes, WEbook has a specific forum to introduce your work and look for feedback.  (We call it "Introduce Your Project" in case you're wondering.)  But remember, publishing the same feedback request multiple times in multiple forums or using the forums to advertise or promote a business or merchandise is really annoying, and may earn you a cyber karate chop from the members you most want to reach.  (See "ignore" above.)  

Keep it clean:  We understand that seemingly benign expletives can find their way into online communication.  Even so, what seems benign to one can be offensive to another.  So we do our best to remove any post with profanity; further, profanity or vulgarity directed at another community member is ridiculously uncool.  Don't make us wash your mouth out with soap (a.k.a. - delete your account.)

Sharing:  The forums are all about sharing ideas and information, but when it comes to personal information, follow this handy rule:  If you wouldn't share it with the creep at the end of the bar, don't share it on WEbook.  Keep your email address, cell phone number, address, and so on to yourself - it will only add to your mystique.

New and retired forums: We'll make new forums from time to time, whenever it seems like a good idea. If you really, really want a forum about the inestimable virtues of ice water, let us know - we're open to suggestions.  If a forum gets too old and quiet, we'll stick it into retirement.  We're ruthless that way.

Abuse: Abuse is any activity that detracts from the WEbook community. If you find yourself publishing spam, harassing other users, using hate speech, marketing via comments, and engaging in other similar activities, go back to that mirror we mentioned.  You may be an abusive user.  If you think you spot abuse and you're not the one perpetrating it, let us know by messaging garyjc or sending an email to abuse at webook dot com with a link to the forum and post. On WEbook, we give abusive users a swift kick in the rear.  First we ask really nicely: "Oh, WEbook user, please oh please stop being so darned abusive."  Then we take a moment, twiddle our thumbs or sharpen our Paul Bunyon axes, and if we don't see some real shaping up, we unceremoniously delete their accounts.  Don't get us wrong - we're a friendly bunch, and we like to make everyone feel welcome, but WEbook is way too awesome to end up cluttered with inappropriate dreck.

Touting: Please refrain from placing advertisements in the Forums. Obvious spam will be deleted immediately and the user banned, but advertising your books is also something that not everyone wants to see. We reserve the right to delete these posts and if you keep doing it, we will have to warn you to watch your behaviour. Of course, advertising your WEbook is not only desirable but positively encouraged!