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Posted: 3/18/2010 7:53 PM PST
Hey, You are thinking way to much about topping your last story. Your idea is the classic love story. It's interesting. You just really need to stop thinking too much about it and about topping it. With that aside, since you might have a lot of flash backs in your plot, maybe Ben or Addie could fall into a coma. Maybe when Addie has her child(yes going into that aspect) something could go wrong with the delivery, the baby will be fine but Addie would have to go straight to surgery. Through that, Ben could have flashbacks of when they were together. Take that idea or no, but the key isn't to think about it too hard. Hope that helps. WATCH OUT FOR PLOT HOLES!!!!!! GothWriter
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Posted: 3/18/2010 3:46 PM PST
I actually like the fact that Ben bought Addie a ring after his "reality check" with his brother. I think you should hold on to that. Old lovers, workaholic issues-- all that has been done before. Stay away from that. Since Ben is more or less the main character here, you could get into his head and have him begin to doubt why he really proposed to Addie in the first place. Sure, he loves her and what-not, and he didn't want to end up like his brother-- but he could also begin to feel conflicted by the fact that he's not sure whether he proposed to Addie out of love, or just because he was trying to avoid falling into his brother's situation. Basically, the conflict would be: Option 1) Ben beginning to doubt how committed he is to Addie (and hey, following the other reviewer's suggestion, you could have his doubt/dissatisfaction with Addie rise from the fact that they realize she's got fertility issues, and he is subconsciously blaming her for not being able to start a family, etc.). Because of this, Ben begins to pull away. Option 2) Ben's brother actually winds up in a better situation/with a better girl/etc., precisely because his last relationship turned into a mess. Ben's brother could, through his shattered relationship or stupid decisions, have actually come to know himself better, and become a better person, somehow, because of this. The moment Ben learns that his brother is moving along with life (and moving along WELL), he begins to wonder whether his decision to marry Addie was rash. Again, this causes Ben to pull away from Addie, and conflict begins. I dunno! Hope this helped!
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Posted: 3/18/2010 12:08 PM PST
oo I like the relative idea. I might use that. Thank you!
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Posted: 3/18/2010 11:31 AM PST
you could try adding some tension between Addie and Ben by introducing an old love of either Addie or Ben. or you could have have a relative dying (maybe Ben's dad so then you get Ben's brother in there), and leaving a will and Addie and ben nad they need to do something to to get the inheritance. or you could have it so that Ben and Addie are infertile (I know you didn't want any more reasearch for the whole baby thing but I'm just throwing it out there) but they just end up adopting..... I hope this has been helpful, whatever you're going to do I'm sure it'll be good :)
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Posted: 3/17/2010 10:56 AM PST
Hey, I'm new here and this may be the wrong place to post this... But I need some help if anyone is willing! I am completely stuck as far as conflict goes for my next story. I write stories and post them at an online community. My next story is in it's earliest stages and is mainly for readers who are already familiar with my two main characters, Ben and Addie. (Ben is a more prominent character than Addie is, but that can change.) The story starts out with Ben and Addie getting married. In chapter 2 it flashes back to the night and reason Ben proposes (Ben gets a reality check of sorts after watching his brother ruin a potential great life for himself with a girl. As soon as he can, Ben gets a ring and finds Addie) Then, in chapter 3 it flashes back to Ben and Addie moving into their first house. So far, I'm thinking it will end with Ben, Addie and a baby, but I'm not sure exactly how to end it yet because of my issue. The issue is that I can't think of a source of conflict or a twist of some sort. In previous stories I've had the source be a main character flirting with someone so I'd like to stay away from that option. I've also had a conflict with the main character "being a workaholic" and not spending enough time with his girlfriend/wife/whoever. My last story had a great twist and plenty of conflict but it had a lot of 'baby' in it so I'd like to get away from baby research and such. I also don't want to bore readers with more baby-talk when the story is really focused on Ben and Addie, not their baby. I think I've backed myself into a corner with this one. The characters are already known pretty well, so it would be a bit difficult to bring some 'mysterious past' issue up, although it could potentially be done. I just don't know what that issue could be. I suppose I could have an issue with Ben's loyalty to his brother (his brother will be in the story quite a bit, but is not considered a prominent character as of now) and Addie feeling left out but that seems like it isn't quite interesting enough. Maybe I'm just being too picky... Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too much. The last story I wrote, I loved with all my heart. I'm having issues trying to think of how to 'top it' I guess. Anyway, any advice is helpful! Let me know if you need more background info, I know this whole post is a bit scattered. My poor brain just can't function lately, haha. Thanks ahead of time.
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