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Posted: 9/12/2009 9:34 PM PDT
everyone is after the perfect image to express what their story really means, and sometimes its the picture that inspires the story. I dont rememb er which came first, the picture or the story, but I have the end result; Liza. I have the image for my story that I found on a googel search, like so many other non visually oriented artists who are searching for an image to accompany their creation. But now, I dont remember how I found it, and Im looking to make the sequel (I have finished the story, just havnt typed up everything, and havnt even started on the editing). Please someone, tell me who that anime/manga character is!!! I need to find something similar to her, maybe in different posses and situations if I can. I already have ideas for the sequel, but the picture I choose may have an effect on aditional details.
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