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Posted: 10/2/2014 5:08 AM PDT
1.) When I was 13 years old in 2006- I knew people at school that hated me and fucked with me because I told them I thought I might be bi-sexual. For some really stupid ass reason I think to myself, It probably doesn't help Christian’s hate gay or bi sexual people and just looking for someone to blame. So then I hated God cause of it. I wanted to be Satanist for a while when this happen.   Around this same time I was having serious problems legally. I mean like, every time I was alone and had weed on me or anything I would CONSTANTLY get arrested no matter what. Weird thing the only times I didn't get caught is when I was with other people and doing something illegal. So after about the 15th run in with the cops I told myself, I'm done there must be a type of God must have control over everything cause it was ridiculous how this started all the sudden.   That night I prayed and told God how I realized He's real and that I was sorry for what I had been doing against Him. Went to sleep, next thing I know I was woken up not being able to breathe. Panicking, I move the blanket completely off of me because part of it was covering my mouth. Didn't help any. Until I probably couldn't last much longer without oxygen, in an instant of this I was able to breathe again.   I tripped out after. Didn't think much about it just, that was scary but easily got comfortable and fast asleep.  I also didn't think much when people told me couple days later when I wasn't wearing a shirt in my room, asked how I got those scars on my lower-centered back, looks like someone whipped or scratched me up pretty good. The meaning to this to me so far that cause I had turned on God, Lucifer was allowed to cause trouble. Also could of served as a warning of what would happen in the future. After constantly being in trouble, I turn to God. Then Gods rival would try and kill me. I was locked up multiple places and times, eventually was sentenced to DOC until I was 18. In DOC people called me walker the bible talker cause I had turned my life to god.  Got out and couple weeks later got together with Ana for a year then in 2013 she tries to kill me. I always told God though, “Let any other trouble come across me in life as long as I can be free from being locked up”. It pretty much has been that way since my adulthood so I can’t complain.   2.) In 2007-   I was in juvie, I talked to this spiritual help volunteer. I mentioned to her some of the spiritual experiences I had and what she thought they happened for. She didn't really have a clue. The 7 days in-between our weekly teaching we had, I had an experience.   As I was just laying down passing the time, but fully awake still. All the sudden I'm in a vision state now un-conscious. It was completely pitch black except a little in the distance there's an old rusted ware house with a black SUV in front of it. I get closer and I hear the metal ware house gate, followed by the car door both opening and closing. A Mexican, I believe, exits the car as he walks up to me. Tried looking at his face to see who it was. The face was blurred out like on TV. Only things to describe his appearance is he has brown skin, shaved head, and fairly big. When this guy gets to me he doesn't stop going until the guy walks through me.   Next second I'm conscious again, able to hear everything going on in my POD outside my door. Its pitch black and instantly I got the realest feeling ever of me falling  fast in open space, spinning some back and forth, even felt the wind around me during a fall. I wonder if this meant I was in hell but told myself I had been doing better in my relationship with God so I just said to myself the "Even though I walk..." prayer.   Couple minutes later I'm un-conscious again and in another vision. This time I start off walking down a brick road with white houses on either sides of the road. A blue sky but lots of clouds everywhere. I can't control my movements as I walk down the road. Not too far down the road opens up completely and goes to where I'm basically walking on blue you could look out in forever.   As I continued to walk forward, I see someone in a white robe in the distance. Even closer I see this guy’s face was blurred out also. I could see now it was a white guy with gold blonde curly hair. Automatically knew it was Jesus. I tried stopping a couple feet in front of him to ask questions but I wasn't in control, until I eventually walked through Jesus. Then had a great feeling throughout my body.   Once again I'm conscious after the vision, able to hear them vacuuming outside my room. I was also able to touch the wall with my toes and feet cause I wanted to know if this was really happening. As I was slowly lifted all the way to the ceiling where I bumped my body a little, then was lowered a couple feet and started to spin me around slower then faster. Was kind of scary also but it didn't last long until I was lowered back down to normal.  Later I mentioned this experience to the spiritual volunteer and she said "That's weird cause I was praying for you this week that the meaning behind the events took place be revealed to me. The meaning behind this I believe is the warehouse is hell. The guy in the black SUV in Venice Beach brought the would’ve been brother of mine to hell. The Mexican that steps out is Lucifer, looking just like the Mexican guy you’ll hear about later that understands Lucifer subliminally somehow. Anyways he gets out and walks through me. (Works/Lives through me) This is where I start “falling.” Then I will go down a road, that will eventually come out into complete openness as far you can see. (Endless possibilities). I will then farther down walk through Jesus. This will be my slow rise, so high that I hit the ceiling then start spinning so it will be crazy as hell.   3.) In 2008- As I was in court holding in juvie. There's nothing you can bring to pass the time. So I fell asleep, I was woken up, not being able to talk, move, or anything. Even worse there's a pitch black figure looking over me. All the figure was is its shoulders, a neck and the head. The rest of the room behind this dark figure was extra brightened than usual. I wanted to scream or press the emergency button, but I had no control. Until it was done and I tripped out. I think this means that Lucifer’s watching over me obviously   4.) Can't really remember when but younger- I had a black and white vision of me at Blenmen (my elementary school) as a little kid on a bicycle I'm lifted off the ground and start to fly/ride south then I turn around going North. This means to me,that my best childhood was while I was at that school so now after heading in the wrong direction in life. (South) Trying to be a gangster and shit. I’ll start to fly. Then I decided to make a turnaround in my life. (North) Awesome how when I realized I needed to “Move my feet” from a song later mentioned, that the first thought was. Biking. Tired of walking. 5.) It was Christmas Eve 2009-   I was locked up in juvie. As I was doing my nightly prayers, since they say Jesus was born on Christmas I wished Jesus a happy birthday. Along with a request that Jesus or God could send me a special experience to better know him and his love.   When I was done praying I only laid there for about 5 minutes or so until I heard Gods voice and all He said was "Gage", one word, my name. He sounds like a middle aged man, but that wasn't important. I got the greatest feeling, even better than when I walked through Jesus on that one vision. Feeling went from head to toe. It was unexplainably good I believe this means that I’m an expression of his love since that’s what I asked for and the Holy Spirit covered me from head to toe. 6.) January-February 2013-   I was in a situation where my recent ex-girlfriend, Ana had been trying to kill me and I also told her "If that happened again I'd kill her and have the right to do so". When after earlier that day she came to my mom’s house to fuck some guy only feet away from me, they in an open shed. Then tells the guy "You might want to be quiet.” Even though I couldn't see I could hear them. Then he took off with her in his hands.   Also her whole life she had for being with me was a lie. It was still stupid for me to do, but I didn't really want her dead just wanted some way to get even with her. Also that night I admitted to having Nicole give me head even though I was going out with Ana witch is my regret for doing so.   Around this same time, usually my Grandma has Sundays dinner with usually-Me, Mom, Brother, Nephew and whoever else all go up to my Grandma's house. So I went to my Mom's to see about that. I approached the house and all my Moms trucks doors are wide open, odd. So I knock on the front door, pound, nothing so I go to the back fence, it's open. I look to see back doors wide open.  As I walk in my Brother and Mom come from the back rooms and when they approached my Mom hands me over a tied up trash bag, which was heavy like 40-50Pd bag but not realizing at the moment. I say "sure" and ask "why the car doors are all open?" "Your brother cleaned the carpets" Mom said.  I ask "what did you spill?" No answer. So I ask about dinner at Grandma's, if we're going or not. Mom couldn't stop bugging about the bag of recyclables though. I say "Fine, fuck just asking." So I take them out.   Then my Brother takes off in the truck all shady acting, wonder why. He say's "I'll be right back". I wait couple hours listening to music as my mom mops the kitchen repeatedly. Brother leaves and comes back.   Later as Me, Mom, and Brother walk out the front door to leave Mom tells me "Hey, I want to get a picture with you up at Grandma’s.” "Why?" I ask. "Oh I just haven't had a picture with you recently". Mom says. I'm like "Ok?" now I'm getting suspicious. We get in moms truck first thing I notice is the complete passager side floor was dried in a marune red. "What did you guys spill?" I ask with no answer from them again. Then the worst was the smell of death in the back of the truck it was horrible. Also noticed some blood on back passager side seat and new red scrape marks on the passager side left back window.   Then when we arrived my Grandma's floor from the door a few feet in and down the hallway was sticky as hell. Then when my Grandma took the picture us and my Brother had his leg wrapped around my Moms leg, and my grandma took one of all 3 of us then taking a few steps forward,  of just them 2.  And talked about sending them to my brother.   Then seemed like everybody was asking me this night the same thing, as my Grandma asked "Did you brush your teeth?" like everybody around me did. I asked "Why is everybody asking this? “She had no reply of course.   Then I heard my Brother on the phone with somebody saying some friend of my brother's got word about a hit put out on me by my ex-girlfriend, Ana so there was word of maybe putting in a hit for her by my dad. I guess they just got her alone and asked her about the situation but she denied everything, so their like "You didn't put a hit on him?” Then eventually she mentioned about if "Am I still not brushing my teeth?" or some shit so the homie whacked her with a propane tank and killed her. That was the gist of the conversation.   Similar red stains on my Dads carpet under other floor mat thing. My dad also washed a load of my laundry in with her blood and with a T-shirt with a girl on top another girl with a knife saying something about a "Blood-rush" or some shit priding how you just killed someone and the blood smell.   Bloody washed out rags laying out side washed but still with the hint of obvious blood on it. A backpack of mine I had left by the back shed at my mom’s house with a couple bibles and movies I was recently thinking of pawning. The bible inside was purposefully stained with blood. They were setting me up to get charged with murder. I got a few pictures along with my brothers on my own phone of me being at the dinner, so I had the same alibi as them to prove it wasn't me either.   She was dead. I didn't want this I thought, I even cried over her and then I could feel like something hugging on the left side of me so I hugged back feeling stupid as fuck but somehow better.   Weird thing happened though. I heard from one of the best friends of her family that "No one heard from her for 3 days straight then came back and said she needed some "alone time."" and I’ve seen a new picture of her since then, she’s still alive. The meaning to this is Ana went to hell for 3 days, came back to earth, and never ascended to heaven.   7.) Around January or February 2013- There was a sailing book a friend of mine one night was trying to read mostly towards me seemed like about this book, but I really didn't listen. Until I picked up the book myself a few minutes later.   Flipping through to random pages then it was like the book was talking directly towards me saying basically "The sooner I sail north the better things would get. Also to get everything, the right gear, housing, etc. (forget exactly), and people (stood out) everything to go with this move." I wondered why someone would write north specifically. The book was in type not hand written.   Next I flip to another random page. It reads how "To make sure my knife is in good condition/swift. (forget exactly)" That night I noticed my pocket knife was loosened so the blade didn't stand up right. That night I found out I was supposedly going to get jumped and my balls cut off at a bar but I was on radar about that then and left as a guy sitting right by the door asks "Hey, who the hell is he?" Crazy cause it told the future. I think this means that God works through people to send messages. To make a plan to head out north to my new home where things would be better because in Tucson half of the town was trying to kill me. Once I’m settled up north I think this means I should plan to head to heaven and my eventual home there. Knife situation is obvious why. 
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