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Posted: 9/24/2008 8:18 AM PDT
"Writer's block" can be caused by too many ideas just as well as too few. I suspect that what people refer to as "writer's block" is any situation in which they don't feel both connected to their muse AND able to turn their ideas into concrete products, the kind of thing you can print out and staple and give to your uncle to read on the plane (or submit to an agent or publication). If you are a woman living in New York, all your single friends constantly complain about the dating scene. "What's the problem?" you think. "There are millions of single guys in the city. If they wanted to, my friends could go on 7 dates a week, each with a different guy." But their "dating block" isn't a result of too few dates. Most people don't need 365 dates a year to make them happy. They just need 1 date...with the right person. Say what? If time permitted, I could spend 8 hours every day happily scribbling in my notebook, writing away with no fear of running out of ideas. With a few other pleasures to balance it out, this would be a perfect day. But if I did this EVERY day, and never produced anything other than notebooks and notebooks full of words -- no stories, no books, nothing that ever took on a life of its own so that it could survive on a bookshelf without me -- it wouldn't be, for me, anywhere near a perfect life. In some ways, I'd rather have one or two good ideas that I followed through on, than a million that blew away in the wind.
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Posted: 9/23/2008 3:30 PM PDT
I don't understand how anyone could get writer's problem is my river of ideas always flood the banks of my mind...Damnit!
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