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Posted: 5/19/2011 5:50 PM PDT
So there is a new community project, and I am inviting everyone! I'll post the project summary and the link, then you shall click the link and begin a post! Here you go: Humanity Manual: Profound or Pretentious You're creative, you have unique views and beliefs, now bring that all here and write something profound... or pretentious. Post a quote, or a collection of quotes, that you, or possibly someone else, may find profound. There are a lot of projects here on webook that deal with quotes or short sayings, this project, however, will be a bit different. I hope that this can eventually become a type of manual on humanity as a whole. There are thousands of sayings, quotes, and proverbs out there, but it seems for every profound saying there is an opposite, Socrates says "To do is to be" yet Plato says "To be is to do." Then there are the more common, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" but "out of sight, out of mind". Which is right and which is wrong? Can the answer to such a question be answered so simply? You tell me. Or rather you tell us. Bring your intelligent or profound or ridiculous ideas here, we want them all. I would prefer that they be unique, not simply copy and pasted off the web, but there is also an unlimited number of sayings and quotes out there and some are bound to be repeated. If you can't resist getting one from off the web (I won't hold it against ya) be sure you add the name of the original author. Proverbs particularly will likely be repeated, as they often have unknown authors, but that's OK. The objective here is to compile a list of unique ideas, ones that will undoubtedly contradict each other. I think something like this could really have a unique look at humanity as whole if given the right attention. So please, feel free to go wild! Well you got the 4-1-1, now write something! I got the ball rolling, now you go keep it moving.
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