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Posted: 3/6/2017 6:58 AM PST

     I have written and begun posting chapters of a screenplay for a vampire movie, titled "Sangreville Senior High"; adapted from my novella titled "Sangreville", which is also posted here on webook.
    The story concerns a High School Girl who reluctantly moves with her desperate mother to a "Vampire Town" where the living and undead have agreed to a truce. She is told that while living here, she can "...get away with anything you want." The "New Girl" tries to fit in. 

    Another thing. While the formatting displayed here is not the way that's acceptable in Hollywood, it's the best way that it can be presented here on

    Another reality is, that the idea of this actually being produced is hardly more than a daydream. To actually do so, I'd have to "...Know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who...etc." 
The problem with that is, that I don't know anyone in the movie industry. I also have no desire to become involved with the Hollywood scene. I think of Hollywood as Ego Land and Vanityville. That just isn't me. 
    However, if someone who reads this just happens to "Know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who...etc." who knows what might happen? 
   And if some teenage actress, who happens to be a member of, should read this screenplay, I'd suggest that she focus on the character Elaine Harris. 

    Then I'd tell her, "Oh girl! Have I got a part for you!"

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