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Posted: 9/5/2015 6:43 PM PDT
And! It might be a good idea to set a time limit for submission (relative to how many ratings they give).
For example, if a writer submits a piece of writing and then doesn't rate anything for 1-2 months (essentially disappears from the website), their submission would be taken down.  This would encourage people to keep coming back to the website and keep rating.
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Posted: 9/5/2015 6:40 PM PDT
Also, to clean up the submissions that are being rated, there should be a cut-off point where they are automatically removed from the process.

For example, if your average submission rating is a 3 or lower after 10 ratings it should be removed.

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Posted: 9/5/2015 4:21 PM PDT

Step 1)   Require people to rate 5-10 submissions before they are able to post a submission.
Step 2)   Require another 10-20 ratings for the next submission.

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