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Posted: 5/2/2011 8:13 PM PDT
I started writing about a dream I had the other night... but i only have one scene. I really want to make it work. the name of the script is 'White Tulip' and basically the scene I have is the main chic is engaged and meets a guy in a bar when she looses her ring by accident and he sees it and picks it up and give it back to her. Any ideas? should that be the first scene? I want them to be together in the end. She tells him that she basically has no control with decision making in the planning proccess because her fiance and sister have taken over. Her asks her if she at least gets to pick out her wedding dress. Part of me is pondering having him work time at his mom's bridal shop but them i feel its too cliche. Help! I want it to be a diffrent take to the boy meets girl story.
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