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Posted: 2/9/2014 7:40 PM PST
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Posted: 2/9/2014 6:35 PM PST
Hello, I just got back on webook after the shutdown and thought to start up a new story. Having always been a fan of John Ringo and David Weber, I thought I would give a military sci-fi/fantasy novel a go. All feedback will be reciprocated, all readers welcome!
Here is the blurb....

 In the Kingdom of Kyros, magic is abundant, with at least on in ten people having at least a small Mage Talent, but only one in one thousand have the special sort of wizardry known as Life Smithing. Life Smiths have the ability to create life itself with nothing more than raw materials, arcane talent, and sheer willpower. The creations of Life Smiths have left an indelible mark in everyday Kyrosian life. From modified crops to the hulking, fire breathing drakes, and from an entire new race of equals known as Krindi, who at one time were little more than mass producedslaves, to massive humanoid guardians known as sentinels. Life Smithing is a rare art, and those who command its power enjoy the very height of prestige. But such eloquence has its price. 
    Not since The Fall has there been a true war in the kingdom, and though border raids and roguecreations keep the military in decent shape, complacency has become the gravest enemy of peace. Across the great oceans of the West comes a new enemy, implacable, insatiable, their numbers uncountable. They have come without warning, making no demands, no offer of treaty nor trade, but purely to conquer. It will take an unshakable will to mold the nation of Kyros into a stronghold capable of weathering the coming storm, and Horus Malconis drew the short straw.
    One of the most powerful Life Smiths of his generation, Horus is heir secundus to the throne, and since his older brother has an heir of his own, Horus has never expected that throne to be his. However, treachery, invasion and disease have taken the lives of both his house and his superiors in the Life Smith council, and Horus was never one to run in the face of duty....
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