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Posted: 5/7/2011 1:12 PM PDT
Free Writers Tools – Spelling and Grammar checking. Open source tools are as good as commercial ones and sometimes even better, because they are accessible due to them not having a cost, if just for personal use. Free in this case does not mean lower quality software, as add-ons are freely developed, it can mean that this software is sometimes of a higher quality than software you pay for. Open source tends to be available for Windows and Linux, not many develop for Apple Macs. Writers have a reliance on three bits of software; A good Word Processor (Than can save in the Microsoft Word *.Doc format) An Integral Spell checker. (With language packs) A good Grammar checking tool The fork development of Open Office (discontinued by Oracle) called Libre Office available from Is as good as Microsoft Office and has lots of add-on extensions that expand its functionality far beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Word/Office. A list of some extensions can be found at: There is also a free open source Grammar Checker used by journalists called After the Deadline, available from with an extension add-on available for Open Office/Libre Office (they use the same add-on integration) There is also an FREE online version of 'After the Deadline' spelling and grammar checking at It is as good as the costly commercial version of the same grammar tool from 'Grammerly', as it has many of the same features, like in context spell checks and passive verbs etc. With the above software which is FREE, there is no reason for submitting writing works containing basic spelling or grammar errors. I hope this helps those who are tempted to buy these basic tools or who want more features to their current word processor, but can ill afford the cost.
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