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Posted: 11/11/2008 1:38 AM PST
I wouldn't recommend it to my children...but Danny Hill is huge fun. Rude, explicit but always with a sense of humour. Beautifully written as well! Just wonderful...Cleland would have been proud!
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Posted: 11/11/2008 1:24 AM PST
...available to this site EXCLUSIVELY...for over 18's only! 'A much needed kick up the ass for the sex industry ...' Gordon Brown - UK PM (t) 'More fun than fucking grand children' - Russel Brand (comic) 'A wonderful, literate and compelling compedium of rudery...I look forward to Danny Hill the movie!'- The Thames 'At last, a real look at a really nasty business...beautifully told!' - Cosmo 'Without doubt the defining sex book of a new generation...Danny Hill is sensational! ' - Surrey Times. 'So wise, so pertinent, so aposite, so clever, so when can I expect Danny Hill, the movie? - Empire. The critics all agree that Danny Hill is... a masterpiece...a sensation....a wonderful compendium of rudery...pertinent...aposite...and hugely funny! So what do you think?
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