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Posted: 9/10/2013 7:31 AM PDT

My writer’s block has suddenly ended.  My creativity has returned in a major way, and this time I have a major amount of writing ahead of me!  I have begun an entirely new novel, which is different from any of the writing I’ve done before.  It’s not fan fiction, or stories about vampires, or fantastic adventures in exotic locals.  This time it’s based on things that are happening today, in the real world, to which most people can in some way relate.

The story deals with the growing anti-Christian bigotry which is happening in American Schools, and throughout our society today; which I find very troubling.

The plot summary states:  “A sexually active high school girl, living in a politically correct community, meets the Living God, and becomes a Born Again Christian.  This eventually gets her into trouble with her school’s “progressive and enlightened” faculty and administration.”

It has been 50 years since my high school graduation; and I know that during those years, things have changed considerably.  I need to know a good amount, about how things really are in today’s high schools, so I’m actually going to have to do a good amount of research.  (Oh no!  Not that!)

A major problem is that the number of websites dealing with these subjects are infinite. I’m going to have to narrow down the search.  Can anyone suggest sites I can go to, where I can get a good amount of information, within a reasonable amount of time?

 I’d also like to know what today’s teenagers like to watch on television.  I have cable access to a potential 1,000 channels, with nothing I want to watch on any of them.  Can somebody please suggest something?  I’d also like to know about their favorite entertainers.  Personally, I can’t see what’s so appealing about this character who calls herself “Lady Gaga”.  Are their any American High School Students reading this, who can tell me something about what it’s like to be a teenager today?

There’s something else.  I have already posted the first draft of the two opening chapters, which comes with a warning:  The entire entry should be rated “R”.  There is one scene in a motel room, which might be considered “Soft-core porn.”  While I normally try to avoid that in my writings, this time, I think that within the full context of the completed narrative, it might be considered appropriate.

If anyone wants to take a chance, and hopefully not yell at me too much, please go to

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