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Posted: 9/19/2015 9:18 AM PDT
Red lipped heroine
Scarlett used to be a mama’s girl until she turned eighteen. Her little pink cheeks turned into blushing roses, and her lips so red. Throughout the city she was admired for her exceptional beauty and recognised far and wide for her weekly covers for City Flick magazine. Except, despite her vain appearances, Scarlett didn’t care for any of that. Her heart belonged to one.

Her mama called her senseless. “Your grandma was educated, and so was her mama. Why can’t you be?” she would say. But still, Scarlett didn’t care. Selfish, yes, but that way no one would get hurt, she thought.

One day, when her mama asked her to run some errands for her grandma, Scarlett refused. “OH mama,” She said. “I don’t the time, my schedule is bursting. It’s just the way it is.”

This was a lie. You see, grandma didn’t live in the city. Scarlett was afraid, because the city engulfed her, invisible, but deep within the outer suburb, where people were scarce, grandma lived alone in an empty cul-de-sac, of a near-deserted town.

Not only that – in the suburb – sadistic scam artists owned the streets, and it was very, very difficult to recognise when you were being deceived. Therefore, because Scarlett knew of her own beauty, as it was told to her every day, she was aware that she may fall victim to the villainous shark’s bite.

Scarlett confronted her mother about her concerns.                                                            

“Mama, I love dear grandma, but the path to her home is too frightening for me.” Scarlett said. “Keep to the main road, and avoid any shortcuts at all costs. You’ll be okay, my love.” There was no other argument, she had to go. Loaded with a bag filled with nutritional goodies to keep grandma up-and-dancing, off Scarlett went. She could only drive half of the way, because the road was too coarse. Therefore, by foot, the remainder of the journey had to be made.

Meanwhile, as Scarlett tried so hard to keep to the main road as her mother had suggested – which was difficult due to the fact that neither road nor pavement were very distinguishable anymore, there were heavy clouds forming above, threatening to break into storm. The red-lipped-girl looked to the sky, as the first of many raindrops fell upon her nose. Before she realised her actions, Scarlett was running towards the dark alley-ways of the suburb, seeking out the quickest route to her grandmas – she no longer took into account the wishes of her mother, now so far away. “

You are lost, ma’am?” a heavy voice from behind said.

   Scarlett craned her neck around to discover an extremely good looking man stood before her. Her mind screamed alert, stop! You can’t trust anyone out here, Scarlett. Yet, deep within her stomach, butterflies flew in their hundreds and itched to escape and fly with joy around this thing of beauty, and so she was not afraid.

“What is a beauty like you, doing out here in all this filth?” the beautiful man asked of her. “Oh, I’m visiting my grandma! I don’t live here, silly” Scarlett said, embarrassed at the prospect of living in the suburb. “The water pipe is severed. I’m a qualified plumber, I’m sure your grandma would like me to have a look at hers?” The mysterious man said, looking at the sky at the ever-attacking weather. “No thank you” Scarlett said. She remembered there was no one to trust but her grandmother out there, so she picked up her bags and ran the other way. The ‘plumber’ could see an opportunity. There was only one person of residence in this section of the suburb, and that must be this girl’s grandma. Before Scarlett could reach her grandmas, the man took the quickest route to her home, fooled her into letting him in to check the water pipes, all the while locking her in the pantry in pursuit of a robbery. He was just beginning to pack grandmas belongings to steal from her, when Scarlett walked through the open door.
“What on earth –” Scarlet began, scandalised. The man leaped on Scarlet, before she could question him. His hands, cupped around her mouth like great bear paws, squeezed on her torso and threw her roughly into the pantry, beside her nauseated looking grandma. The pair looked at each other as the key turned, locking them both in.
Just when Scarlett’s eyes rimmed with tears, her mobile phone bleeped with a notification. Toby, her boyfriend. “Where r u…?”  He wrote. Grandma’s eyes lit up, the man in her house had not thought to take this from her! And so, Scarlett telephoned Toby, and then the police, of course. The mysterious man turned out to be the worst con-artist in all of the city, and this was just another of his notorious crimes. After this, he was arrested and sent to prison to live out the remainder of his sad, senseless days. 
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