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Posted: 3/29/2015 1:09 PM PDT
Son of Beginning & End  Prologue"I missed how good it felt to be doing it again," he said with a hint of satisfaction."It has been far too long since we did it together. And this time I will definitely beat you," she said as she took off running, with Oliver by her side.Rachel liked competing against Oliver even if he was stronger than she would ever be.Oliver and Rachel had been partners ever since she could remember"I really appreciate you getting me to race you again; I haven't had this much fun in forever." He stopped, realizing that he should not complain to the girl who had to deal with seeing Aninos since she was seven. She felt guilty; after all it was her fault that he was infected with Anino blood.He was just an ordinary boy until he met her and Aninos attacked them, because of her he was infected, and now he has to live in her horrible world, leaving his family behind."Oliver, maybe we should try another thing" she said determined to take things off his mind."Okay, but I get to choose what we do next," he replied with a grin. Before she knew it, they were using telepathy. "I'm already out of energy," she said, "Do we have to have a telepathic conversation too?" She asked hoping he would say no."Okay, you know what? Since I am having such a good time, we don't have to do it," He replied with a smile."Oh thank god," she said, relieved.Oliver sat down on the beach and said "Cleo would have loved the view."Rachel instantly felt guilty. "Oliver, I'm sorry I was so stupid and got you infec-..." She didn’t get to finish her apology."RACHEL, RUN!" Oliver yelled. She did not understand, but as soon as she turned, it hit her the sharp pain that it made her feel like her head was about explode someone was attacking her mentally.She knew instantly who it was. She cursed herself for letting her guard down.    Only an Anino could inflict such pain. Once an Anino caught you off guard, there was no way you could defend yourself; the pain was too much, and then she heard a sharp scream, Rachel noticed that she was screaming. Oliver came to her side, and the pain stopped shortly. As her vision started to blur she saw a young boy with the most innocently malicious eyes.
***"How is she doing?" asked Tia with concern in her voice.                                                                    “I’m afraid she has not made any progress,” said the handsome young doctor. “It has been Two weeks. At this rate, she may never wake up."Tia went to a girl’s bed and was on the verge of tears. Rachel wondered who was so important to Tia that she was on the verge of tears. Then she saw the girl. It was her. This isn’t possible she thought.For the first time, she looked at herself. She looked like a ghost, with the entire see through body and everything." Okay; guys, who did this to me?" She asked hoping one of the Fifth House member were playing a trick on her. She realized that no one could see her or hear her. "Hey! Tia! Can you hear me! I'm right here, listen to me. Why can't you see me? What happened to me?" She asked with a shaky voice, she could feel fear creeping in her mind, her mind raced; she could hear her heart pounding she was breathing hard.

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