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Posted: 11/24/2014 10:57 AM PST
Creator of the universe- Erebus
god of time- Cronos (he is a titan)
the god which began the expansion of space- this would be Erebus as well because he was the very first God/titan and he gave birth to the other gods and goddesses and titans in which we know today
the god that created the dimensions- there is no god who really did this it just happened because the god Erebus created and when he did it all fell into alignment and the world was created and everything else
god of knowledge- hermes (also the god of thieves and messenger)

god of fire- Hephaestus
god of lightning- Zeus (also known as god of the sky)
god of ice- Boreas (also known as the god of north wind)
god of the sea- Posieden 
god of winds- Boreas
goddess of land- Gaea (she is a titan)
goddess of the moon- Artemis
god of dreams- Morpheus (son of Hypnos)
goddess of love- Aphrodite
god of destruction and darkness- Perses (he is a titan, the closest thing to a god of destruction and darkness you will get is Hades)
goddess of order- Eunomia
goddess of life- Moirai (they are also referred to as the three fates) sometimes Hecate is thought to be the goddess of life
this is all i know i hope i helped.

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Posted: 7/3/2014 9:51 AM PDT
I am writing a fictional story based somewhat on Greek gods, but I don't want to fully copy it...So I am planning to write a book while only using the Greek gods as base. Can anyone please suggest names for the gods? I have figured out their titles:

creator of the universe.

god of time. possesses the ability to manipulate time. -

The god which began the expansion of space. Possesses the ability to manipulate physical reality. -

the god which created dimension to make things tangible and interactive. Possesses the ability to warp the dimensions. -

The god of Knowledge; gave beings the gift of intelligence. Possesses the ability to wipe away memories from any living being, but this only happens if it opens its eyes. -

The god of Emotion; gave beings the gift of emotion. Possesses the ability to remove emotions from any living being, rendering them zombielike. -

The god of Willpower; gave beings gift of willpower. Possesses the ability to petrify any living being.-

And now the gods based on the olympians
god of fire, -
lightning, -
ice, -
sea, -
land, -
love -
destruction and darkness -
order, -
life. -

Please reply fast..

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