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Posted: 9/30/2014 10:50 AM PDT
Hello all. I have a couple questions and they're too specific to be goggled effectively. What I'm hoping for is some advice, or perhaps pointers to places where I can do some more research. I would forever be in your debt. First, how do you deal with including real life events and people into a fictional novel. My book will not be historical fiction, but it will have some of the same issues. Politics will play a major part in the plot. So, in my fictional story, is Barack Obama president, or do I make one up? This is just an example, but, as an explanation, the plot wouldn't involve the president directly, but issues surrounding the presidency would certainly be discussed and would influence the plot. The same goes for events, can I talk about a terrorist operation in Syria called ISIL, or do I make up a fictional situation that raises the same issues I want to discuss? The second and final question is this. Instead of having the author of the book be me, can I make it one of my fictional characters? The idea is to make the book appear as much as possible to be a non-fiction book going inside a very unique political campaign. I've decided to use a pen name because I'm going to delve into my mental disability with the protagonist and a little anonymity will make that easier for me. But my protagonist is going to want to write a non-fiction book too, about the campaign. I think he's just jealous that I'm writing now. Obviously, from a public marketing standpoint, readers would know that the book is fiction and that the fictional character didn't actually write it, but is it ethical and/or wise to make the book appear to be a non-fiction work created by the protagonist? Can I use the voice and style of a non-fiction author as my protagonist in a fictional non-fiction book? I've talked too much, and I’m confusing myself, I'll shut up and read now. :-) Thanks in advance for any advice or direction you may be able to provide, I really appreciate it.
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