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Posted: 10/21/2008 11:35 PM PDT
Thanks! it did help to just write. :)
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Posted: 10/21/2008 6:34 PM PDT
First off, you're not crazy. I mean, if you are, then so is the rest of the world! I would say, though, that you might want to just try writing down whatever you feel. The writer's flood is a scary thing, but ultimately can be very useful. It'll give you a chance to get whatever you need to out. I do the same thing and it's rough but it helps. Just keep cracking and good luck!
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Posted: 10/21/2008 12:13 AM PDT
I am not a WeBook expert by any means. But I am on several writing sites and WeBook is by far my favorite. I have a bad case of insomnia when I begin to write well. I don't know what it is or why it happens. I am writing here because I want to talk about my...recent experiences. I love writing. I usually write everything. I carry a little pocket notebook around. If I am stopped at a traffic light I jot down thoughts, shopping, walking (running into things), I even pull that little book out and scribble away absent mindedly and unknowningly as I converse. I havn't been writing. It isn't writers block, it is just the reverse. It is ...writer's flood. I have had so much going on and have so much to write about I feel like screaming to get it all out of me. Listen to all of this... I got engaged. My fiance went out to sea (navy) I have been trying to get a divorce for almost two years, husband is giving me the run around while he is 'diddling' some girl. Husband had his baby today. Hers. Does that make me a step mom? WTF?! I don't understand! I am meeting the fiance's family in a week or so, but if asked about the divorce, I cant lie (So bad at lying) and my last, and of all of this I feel this is the worst... My novel I am writing, "Losing Direction"....I have a couple more chapters, and the plot is all outlined...complete with complimenting characters, etc. Now that I feel I can visualize the entirety of the piece...I dread writing it. I feel it is already finished because I already see what has happened in it. But I am really afraid to write it all out because my style would be forced. I mean, I love that style that I began writing. I wrote with passion. I wrote with pure hatred if you want to know the truth. I ignored time, put on music and just wrote. To be perfectly honest....I didn't even edit. I wrote and published it, no changes. So now, I have no rage. I have no deep seeded hate. Sure, I can muster it up and force it but...the passion is a flicker of a memory. And now I am starting to write this weepy sentimental poetic stuff. There is nothing wrong with that, I just felt I had a real shot at a good first novel. So. Am I a stepmom? What the hell am I now? Will the future inlaws love me? Will they ask about my divorce and screwed up situation? Will I be forced into a corner and lie? and lastly Will I finish this novel that has great twists and suprises and potential but I feel it is finished and fear failure in my percieved premature victory of it's success and completion? So I am going crazy. It could be that I have stopped drinking coffee. Although I went through an entire box of double chocolate hot cocoa mix just today. And insomniac has just recently re-set in. How can I find consistancy in my writing with fleeting human emotions always in teh way, though neccessary to provide the raw fuel to write? Oh...there are some things much worse than all of these that I can't even post about. I mean...does anyone have stephan kings number? I wonder if this is how he got his inspiration. I took a sudden switch from hate and rage to...wierd and creepy. I mean, he can totally have these ideas. I don't want to think them anymore. I feel...trapped by genres of novels I don't want to be in. Cant I be in a nice romantic novel, or a comedy, or a romantic comedy? Like I said. I love to write and I have writers flood. What can I do? I just write I guess. But I would love any input. Even if you are telling me I am crazy...I mean, I know I am crazy. But if all I get are captain obvious statements, I will take them. :) Hope everyone is doing good by the way. I havn't been here since my insomnia went away...about two weeks ago. It's that fiance, he is the prozac to my crazy. :) I love webook!!!!! and webookers!
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