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Posted: 8/22/2014 3:25 AM PDT
Hi Regina,

There's a specific thread for you to use for this.

Go to 'General Chat' and you will see the thread 'Self-Published Book Shout-Outs'.

Try sticking your great news there, you may pick up more readers that way

Good Luck


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Posted: 8/21/2014 2:05 AM PDT
Here' the link if anyone is interested in purchasing the book:
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Posted: 8/17/2014 12:21 AM PDT
Officially published my first book with amazon. It's a young adult book mostly aimed toward girls. Here's the description:


I was never supposed to get caught. 
My mind cleared with only one goal in my head, revenge. I focused my energy making my right wrist become intangible long enough to slip it free. I swung it back punching him hard in the stomach. He stumbled back letting go of my left hand. I leaned forward dipping my hand into his pocket snagging his wallet. I tucked it back into my black pants. It was over in seconds without giving him any time to notice. 

Summer Valentine is an 18 year old who can see the glow in magical items called hexes. She even owns one, a small ring with an air element infused within it giving her the power to make her hands intangible. That is, she can move them through objects. Armed with this gift and the desire to support what’s left of her family, she takes up a new name. 
Viper a quiet, no nonsense, unfriendly, all business, cold tempered pickpocket that only steals from people like her. People who break the law. She keeps her personal life as Summer completely separate. That is until three strange boys appear out of nowhere claiming to be hex seekers. 
Now Summer has to deal with them finding out about her personal life too fast too soon. With the arrival of their fourth member, the boys offer her a proposition. Join us and your debts and worries will be gone. Summer’s tempted, but skeptic, the job is too good to be true. 
What about Tye? Her four year old brother under her custody. Is he included in the deal? And what about the threatening messages she’s been receiving? Someone is after her and they want her to know it. Conner, Jack, Logan, and August jump at the chance to help her. They insist she’s right for their team and Summer can’t help but wish it to be true. 
Will they be as accepting when they see what comes with working with her? 

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