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A place for Round 3 Raters (and writers!) to discuss their experiences
Posted: 8/23/2014 7:45 AM PDT

Yes it's picking up. the ratings my first story for a long time has 100% Yes I'm improving. Yes. Great fun now.
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Posted: 10/22/2013 7:43 AM PDT
If Webook are generally having a problem with getting ratings then I suggest that they have a system similiar to a website called Cafe Mocha. In this one you earn tokens by helping others or rating their work. (It is a language learning site by the way, where people to exercises and other users give them marks or help them with grammar)
Those tokens can then be used to do other things on the website such as submit your own work etc.

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Posted: 10/22/2013 7:39 AM PDT
Maybe you can help me.
I submitted a page to Page To Fame about 3 weeks ago and I have only had 4 ratings.
This can't be right can it?
Is there something wrong with my submission. 2 of the 4 want it elevated so it can't be that raters just don't bother.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Posted: 8/16/2013 9:45 AM PDT
2 problems, both of which are on your end. In rating, I have been stuck in Romance and want to get back into Science Fiction/Fantasy. I know of another Webooker who has been trying to send in a 2nd submission and the system won't let her. Please Check. Keywizard
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Posted: 8/16/2013 9:13 AM PDT



I just wanted to let you all in on a rather exciting secret - we are currently Beta testing a new PageToFame!

This is why there wasn't much fiddling with the old one when the WEboot happened...

Unfortunately, you are both right in your observations that the number of ratings has decreased. We are all really sad about this because PageToFame is such a uniquely brilliant forum for writers and readers alike, however we are inspired by the number of new WEbookers joining the site every day, and the more we all rate, the more the new members will see first-hand that we are an active community and then they will want to become an active participant too! It's all about give and take...

I try to do at least one rating every other day, which I know isn't nearly enough, but if every WEbooker did that, the difference made would be astronomical, and a truly positive step in the right direction.

So, for the moment WEbookers, keep up the good efforts and remember that PageToFame will be upgraded as soon as we have finished Beta testing!!

I hope that you are all as excited as we are :) 

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Posted: 8/15/2013 3:58 PM PDT
I understand your complaints. You aren't the only frustrated one. I have been with Webook 5 years. Before Webook blacked out, a submission would get one to two reviews per day. Since then, you are doing good if you get one to reviews per week. I think a lot of people left during the blackout and never came back. I was torqued too. I had two submissions that had made it to Round 2 and I lost them both.

As for the reason you are not a Round 3/Expert reviewer, I would say it is because there are no Round 3 Submissions to rate. I have seen several submissions that are on their way to Level 2. It takes 100 to 120 votes for a submission to reach Round 2. At only 2 votes per week, it could be well over a year before we see any major Round 2 submissions and longer for Round 3. I personally think the voting requirement should be cut back to 50 votes or maybe even thirty. After only 10 votes, it is usually pretty easy to see where a submission is headed. 30 should be sufficient.

Hope this helps.
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Posted: 8/14/2013 2:20 PM PDT
I am having a hard time with pagetofame for 2 reasons: One, I can't seem to get many reviews, and two, I can't seem to become a top reviewer/round three expert rater.

Before I even begin, let me just say: I love WEbook, and I love PageToFame. I just don't like all this time passing and all these glitches.

So with my first problem, I can't get reviews. I have ten, and I'm still in round one, and 70% want to elevate, so it's not like they're trying to do damage control and hide my submission. I just can't get a review to save my life, apparently. It's been up for months now. Since the beginning of this year. Is there that severe a lack in raters? I have to wonder, because it seems extraordinary to me that one page can sit for so long without reviews.

The second thing is, how do you become an expert rater? I already had a hundred reviews, and I was promoted to level two a long time ago. Many of the submissions I've rated have yet to get an expert rating. Is that why? I can't match the experts, therefore I'm being punished with waiting? I'm usually not too far off, and rate with the crowd about 70-80% of the time, if not more, and besides that I've matched two of the five experts to rate submissions I've read. Am I still too far off? At this point I have over 200 ratings as today I just did a bunch more. I'm now closer to 85-95% with the crowd, and still, not an expert? I am confused. I often fill in the Something Else box regardless of the rating and try to give details as to why they recieved a 3 or 4 or 2. Isn't this what they want?

Anyway, can anyone shed some light on the subjects?

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