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Posted: 7/10/2009 8:17 PM PDT
Alright. First, I have to agree with the other person who answered about it seeming like Harry Potter. But I also think that it is different. Not very different, but you have some good ideas. I would try writing another part of the story. Try writing the end, or a part in the middle. Write about a result of something that should happen. By writing a result, that gives you new ideas, plus it tells you how something should end up. Also, take a break. Clear your head. Try some new writing. Then, once you have new ideas, go back to your original story. You have to write every day, or else it will just become difficult to write. I've been in that situation. Another thing you should try is listening to music. It can inspire you with a new idea or a new angle you never thought of writing before. Personally, writing isn't the same without music. It's a great writing tool. Good luck with your story!
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Posted: 7/9/2009 10:56 AM PDT
Ok.... I'll attempt to help, but I have to be honest.... This sounds just like Harry Potter. I don't know if it's supposed to, but it does. It's almost the same ideas in that series. Ok, you said you need help with starting... : Personally, with an idea like that I would start on the first day of school. Or if they need to go away to school, then I would start with your main character leaving home, getting on whatever means is going to transport her/him to the school. This way, while your character is sitting on the means of transportation and is staring off out the window you can explain who she/he is, where they are going, why they're going there and any other good information that should be explained in the beginning. Then you asked for help on introducing the murder...: Have one of the supporting characters come running to the main character with a rumor about the teachers death. Or even create a gossip character (they are very helpful to have random information introduced) who walks pasted their group. Your characters overhear that the teacher is dead and go to confirm it with another teacher that they feel comfortable with. There are so many possibilities. Put yourself in your main characters position and think about how how you would find out information like this. Or better yet, have your parents ever tried to keep something from you? How did you go about finding out what happened? DId you stubble apon it, or did you easedrop? Or did someone actidently tell you? Think about how you want these kids finding out this information. DId they discover the teacher was missing and not showing up to classes and then going poking around to find out why? Think about your characters personalities and put yourself in their position. Good luck, Happy writing, and if you need more help let me know, I'm more then willing to supply you with more questions ^_^ and ideas of course! ~Kazume~
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Posted: 7/3/2009 1:25 PM PDT
Okay, I have a story that I'm writing, and I'm completely stuck. Here's the story line: Austen and Julia are two kids who are attending their second year at the "School of Mystery and Magic," (or SMM) a school for young wizards and witches. But one night, as the students are sleep, one of the teachers is murdered! Everyone at the school suspects an associate teacher, Mr. Hinds, is guilty of the crime because he had a bad history with the teacher, and had recently been in a fight with Mr. King, the teacher who was murdered. However, Julia soon stumbles on a trail of clues that leads them into a dark, and mysterious past about their school. Their new friends, Zelda, Kasey, and Valerie soon step up to help them. Julia and Austen's friendship is tested when Austen believes that Xavier, the hottest guy in school, and Julia's crush, is a suspect in the murder. Valerie takes Julia's side, while Kasey takes Austen's, and Zelda remains undecided. meanwhile, the Dark Lord strikes again, and again, and again! With four teachers in critical condition, the Counsel is ready to shut down SMM. The gang has three weeks to find the murderer, or the school will be closed permanently. Julia receives a special present from an unknown friend. The gift is a necklace with a blue-dust crystal hanging on it. Julia isn't sure what it's for, but it will soon prove it's worth. Julia, Valerie, and Zelda, set off, secretly, for the mountains, in search of the dark wizard. Worried, Austen and Kasey quickly follow after them. Meanwhile, at the school, disaster has struck once again. All of the wands suddenly stop working, leaving the students, and staff, defenseless. The Counsel is getting ready to shut them down at any moment. While following the girls, Austen and Kasey are captured, along with Xavier, who was following them. This only heightens Austen's suspicion of Xavier as the culprit. Meanwhile, Julia's crystal starts to glow and warm. it then leads her and her friends to the boys. Despite being rescued, Austen is still not ready to forgive Julia for their fight. None the less, they find themselves working together to find the murderer. Austen's temper flares when Xavier joins their group, and Julia is the one to defend him. Feeling rejected, Austen sneaks away from the group, only to be caught by one of the dark wizard's followers. He is not killed, but is stunned and unconscious. The group finds him, and Kasey takes him back to the school. The clues, coincidentally, leads them right back to the SMM. Julia is brokenhearted when she finds Austen still unconscious, but alive. Julia, Valerie, and Xavier find that Zelda has been a spy for the Dark Lord, and betrayed them, and the entire school! Austen shows up, still shaky, but determined to fight. The Dark Lord, Zelda, and their small group of followers battle the five teenage witches and wizards. They defeat the dark Lord, but Zelda is nowhere to be found after the battle. However, she left a message for them, written in blood, reading; This battle is not over. I can't figure out how to introduce the murder. Every time I try, it just sound awkward. HELP!!!!!
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