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Posted: 9/14/2014 9:53 AM PDT
I agree with Anthony in this instance - the site operators should delete all accounts which have not been active in the last year and remove all P2F entries which have been submitted by users not active in the last 2 months.

This should remove a great deal of crud.

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Posted: 4/28/2014 8:24 PM PDT
I've just noticed this but a high percentage of the users on WeBook have not been on the website for months and even more than two years!!! These people likely have entered into Page2Fame and their now useless and unclaimed entries will be viewed and voted upon for no reason in round1, 2 and 3 since the past elevated was in 2010, they're just taking up time and space for the people who really our loyal to WeBook and log in at least once a week. I say to the programmers to delete the entries of people who have not logged on in the past 6 - 12 months so that the Page2Fame can gain speed and more people can get noticed and rated upon really quickly!!! Also to make a contest for those who rate 50 in a week to get some kind of award. We really need to do something, because my entry may stay in round 1 for more than a year if people don't rate and the "trash" is removed from the Page2Fame different rounds. Comment below if you agree with me. 
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